GPT-Powered Email Security and Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Prevent targeted attacks and data loss over email and other cloud office applications using GPT and NLU-powered deep learning models that understand the content and context of communications.

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Urban One
Business Email Compromise
Stop Sophisticated Email Threats

Stop targeted email attacks such as 0-day credential phishing, payroll fraud, vendor fraud, and other threats that get past legacy security controls. Our advanced email security algorithms analyze thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and language to protect your human layer from compromise.

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Email Data Loss Prevention
Keep Sensitive Data Out of the Wrong Hands

Simplify compliance by protecting against accidental or malicious disclosure of sensitive data over email. Our language models detect sensitive information like PII, PCI, PHI, and passwords shared with unauthorized recipients, giving you an accurate snapshot of your data exposure risk.

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Alert 1 Social Security Number was shared outside of your organization ANALYSIS Sender Tricia Mccarthy T External Saiba Suleiman S USERS IMPACTED EMAIL CONTENT
Abuse Mailbox Remediation
Reduce Phishing Response Times

Boost your email security by connecting Armorblox with your abuse mailbox to automate the triage and remediation of user-reported email threats. Save your security team time, freeing them up to focus on proactive initiatives like threat hunting, red team exercises, and security process improvements.

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Start Monitoring Email Threats in Minutes

Armorblox connects over APIs and can be deployed in minutes within your email environment, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange. Give your security team time back in their day to focus on more proactive tasks.

Why Armorblox for Email Security?

  • Algorithms That Understand Hidden Threats

    Armorblox uses a broad set of deep learning algorithms, machine learning models, data science approaches, and large language models, like GPT, to understand the content and context of communications.

  • Detection & Response That Saves Time

    Armorblox has out-of-the-box detection policies and automated response actions that take email security busywork out of your hands.

  • Machine Learning Tailored to Your Business

    We don’t have all the answers, but you do. Armorblox builds custom ML models for every customer and end user to keep learning and get better with time.

Experience Better Email Security First-Hand
See how Armorblox can protect your users from email attacks and save valuable time for your security team.