Stop socially engineered attacks

Analyze and understand all communications to intelligently detect, alert, and protect your organization against attacks

Detect abnormal patterns

Identify unintended recipients

Fingerprint writing styles

Detect impersonation and fraud

The Problem

0of all attacks start via email

Traditional mail security, DLP and compliance products are limited by siloed, metadata-based detection techniques.

has been lost in business email compromise in the past three years.

existing solutions

our solution

Armorblox uses deep learning and natural language understanding (NLU) to analyze all textual data and associated metadata to protect organizations against attacks.


The natural language engine derives unprecedented insights from enterprise communications and data.


Automate policy recommendations by learning what is important for the organization.


Alert remediation framework distributes context-sensitive alerts to the relevant users, saving time for the security team.


Policy enforcement framework integrates with enterprise apps to tag, encrypt, and block access to sensitive content.

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Attackers are targeting social interactions, getting past one-time security gates, and trained employees. Advances in natural language understanding and deep learning are poised to power a new generation of context-aware, adaptive security tools, accelerating detection and remediation.

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Protect across multiple communication channels

Adaptive Defense

Defend against spear phishing, display and domain name spoofs, phishing links, anomalous sender behavior, and business email compromise.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent data leaks by detecting and protecting sensitive information including confidential content, passwords, PCI/PII, and bank account information.

Automated Compliance

Continuously monitor and score communications for risk, monitor outbound communications, and respond to and remediate alerts in a distributed manner.

“Armorblox addresses my number one security challenge - the human element.”

CISO, Fortune 100 Company

“Armorblox is able to detect phishing attacks and educate our users. You realize the ROI right away.”

Marivi Stuchinsky, Global CTO, Technologent

“Armorblox is providing us with a layer of protection that holds a ton of promise. Without it we would have cut a check out to somebody that was impersonating me.”

Chuck Drobny, President and CEO, GlobaLogix

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