Stop Business
Email Compromise

Prevent executive impersonation, payment fraud, and other socially engineered attacks.

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Prevent Data Loss

Stay compliant by protecting sensitive data from accidental or malicious disclosure.

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Automate Abuse
Mailbox Remediation

Connect Armorblox with your abuse mailbox for rapid, one-click remediation.

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Trends in Email Security

Learn why 62% of orgs are reevaluating their email security.

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90-day free protection against targeted email attacks.

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Armorblox + O365 Security

Learn how Armorblox augments native Office 365 email security.

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Armorblox named
Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security

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Email is ubiquitous

Inboxes are the lifeblood of any organization, dictating the way we work and communicate today.

Email is vulnerable

Attackers are bypassing traditional security measures with targeted emails that prey on human nature.

Email is just the beginning

96% of all attacks begin with an email and only get worse from there.


Protecting your inbox is too critical to rely solely on legacy infrastructure and metadata.


The future of email security is language powered and cloud delivered.

Meet Armorblox


Armorblox is a cloud-native email security platform that protects against targeted inbound attacks and prevents outbound data loss. By analyzing who users are, what they do, and how they communicate, Armorblox is able to detect attacks that other products miss.

Some Inboxes That Love Armorblox

"Cities and counties have seen a startling increase in business email compromise and impersonation attacks. In deploying Armorblox, we have a tool that helps detect and prevent those attacks smartly — it is highly effective and does not interrupt the flow of City business. Armorblox is the type of high-value tool that makes a true difference as these risks continue to grow."
City of San Jose
Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of San Jose

The Armorblox Advantage

Comprehensive Email Support

Only language-powered email security platform that supports Office 365, G Suite, and on-premise Microsoft Exchange

Outbound Data Loss Protection

Spot and correct unusual communication patterns, PII/PCI violations, suspicious downloads, and more

Extensible Integrations

Leverage API-driven SIEM and SOAR integrations to send Armorblox alerts to your preferred source of truth

Augmenting Office 365 Email Security

Native Office 365 email security capabilities offer good protection against commoditized email attacks. However, there are entire categories of email compromise that evade O365 detection by manipulating language. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can augment native O365 email security to protect against targeted email attacks.

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