Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention

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Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Have you spent years of manual hours to custom perfect your DLP security posture but still get bombarded with false positives?

Email attacks have become targeted and sophisticated, increasing the odds of sensitive and confidential data being leaked from the company. According to Cisco’s 2021 Cybersecurity threat trends report, phishing accounts for around 90% of data breaches. When coupled with accidental and unintentional activities like including wrong recipients in emails, organizations face a daunting task when it comes to preventing data loss.

Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention protects businesses from both internal and external risks. This intelligent NLU-based DLP solution increases protection across sensitive business workflows with custom policies that save security teams time and automate security posture. Armorblox monitors, detects, and flags suspicious email activity to prevent malicious and unintended sharing of sensitive data over email. Our advanced algorithms analyze thousands of signals to identify your organization’s risk exposure and threat trends.

The Armorblox difference - Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Armorblox is the only vendor to bring natural language understanding (NLU) to solve the most pressing needs of email security and data loss prevention (DLP). NLU analyzes the content and context of emails over a period of time to establish historical markers, signals, and usage patterns. Combining NLU with user identity and behavior analytics, Armorblox reduces false positives and provides an additional layer of protection to email communication.

Security Powered by Understanding

Armorblox protects organizations from data loss while reducing false positives seen commonly with legacy DLP solutions. Through NLU, Armorblox understands what is being communicated and why. This provides insight into the type of data that is truly sensitive to each organization — resulting in a 10x improvement of DLP accuracy.

Instead of relying on rule-based policy setup, Armorblox DLP allows for the creation of custom policies. Custom policies allow organizations to detect the presence of any data that is proprietary to the business or organizational workflow. Armorblox NLU-based DLP enables contextual understanding to identify and detect data leakage such as identification numbers, codenames, or acronyms. This layer of intelligence ensures that false positives are weeded out, saving time for analysts through improved efficiency of security operations.

Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes

Armorblox provides visibility into the types and frequency of DLP violations within your email environment so you can clearly see the ROI the platform provides your organization.

Take advantage of the single-pane-of-glass dashboard view into all DLP violations and trends, as well as incident remediation actions (access revoked, deleted, blocked). NLU and Machine Learning models provide communication insights based on individuals and departments with the most DLP violations, so you can assess your organization’s security posture and provide targeted security interventions where needed.

Minimize DLP Busywork

Armorblox enables the creation of both predefined and custom DLP policies, to govern what data and data types gets detected in emails. Remediation actions for each policy are set and automatically applied upon the successful detection of data leaks. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team has more time to spend on proactive compliance measures.

With Armorblox, organizations can protect proprietary data such as medical record numbers, vendor or customer identification numbers, codenames for internal products, or specific acronym and keywords that are considered intellectual property. To provide better data protection, Armorblox offers both predefined and custom policies. Supercharged with the NLU engine, these policies identify and prevent business specific data loss across sensitive business workflows to alleviate the burden false positives have on security teams.

Predefined policies detect data types that are critical for meeting compliance requirements, such as PII (passport, SSN, tax number) and PCI (bank account number, credit card number, IBAN, routing number).

Armorblox custom policies provide the ability to detect the presence of any data proprietary to business or organizational workflows. Custom policies extend the breadth of data loss prevention to include Medical Record Numbers, Vendor or Customer Identification numbers, Codenames for internal products, or specific acronyms and keywords.


Fig. 1: Armorblox custom policies detect the presence of all data types

Powered by AI and ML, policies continuously learn to protect your organization and end users from sophisticated external and internal based threats and data loss. Each policy is configured by priority and severity, as well as linked to associated data or context identifiers. Organizations can determine custom identifiers via regex or comma-separated lists of matching keywords to identify sensitive data such as merchant or medicine codes. Our NLU engine understands and monitors these custom identifiers to detect when these data types are included in communications with unauthorized recipients.


Fig. 2: Armorblox data and context identifiers aid in reducing false positives

Auto-remediation actions are applied upon the successful detection of exposed sensitive data and decrease the need for manual intervention or upkeep. As part of the policy configuration for any DLP policy (Predefined or Custom), you can select what action you want Armorblox to take when a new incident is detected that meets the criteria of the policy. Auto-remediated actions can be configured in either compliance mode (monitoring and detection) or block mode (applying enforcement actions).

Armorblox eliminates the struggle organizations face to contain the loss of sensitive and confidential data. A reduction of false positive rates increases efficiency of security operations, allowing the focus to be on alerts that need human review. Armorblox protects any data proprietary to business or organizational workflow through custom policies and detections, powered by AI and ML, that monitor and prevent the exposure of sensitive data across the organization.

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