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Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls Protect Against Insider Threats


Siddhant Dash
Siddhant Dash

Armorblox supports the creation of Custom Role-Based Access Controls. Security Administrators can now create roles with a variety of custom permissions and restriction access levels to ensures that access is restricted to each employees' job responsibility, thereby thwarting Insider Threat Attacks.

Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls Protect Against Insider Threats

Insider Threats present a complex situation with elevated risks that have the potential of affecting both the public and private sectors. These critical infrastructure sectors include financial institutions, the federal government, healthcare providers and the like. In a hyper-connected world, organizations are relying on external service providers along with internal employees to help carry out their business functions and operations. These external service providers store, process and transmit sensitive information which in turn is accessed by employees at such service providers to support their business operations.

Therefore, the protection of sensitive information and the availability of access controls to delegate granular permissions to such roles is of paramount importance to security teams. Additionally, the attack surface has been rapidly expanding which has promoted the cybersecurity industry to adopt Zero-Trust Architecture. Zero-Trust Architecture is a security framework that assumes all users, systems, and processes are potential adversaries. Hence, they require strict access control, regular monitoring, and a variety of preventative strategies.

A crucial step in this journey is Role-Based Access Controls or RBAC for short. Moreover, out-of-the-box roles are no more sufficient as Security Teams have a variety of in-house members and external contractors with varied job responsibilities. This calls for RBAC to support customization where Security Teams can customize multiple roles with granular permissions according to the job responsibilities of their team members.

Armorblox is pleased to announce the support of Custom Role-Based Access Controls for Security Teams. Security Administrators are now able to create roles with a variety of permissions that they can choose from. This ensures that access to the Armorblox platform by security team members is restricted to their job responsibilities, thereby thwarting Insider Threat Attacks.


Fig 1: See a list of all Admins in a single view within the Armorblox platform

Let's discuss the key pillars of Armorblox Custom Role-Based Access Controls and how they support Security Teams in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance.

Assign custom roles with granular permissions to individuals across security teams that align best with job responsibilities

Armorblox makes the creation of roles with granular permissions straightforward. Security Administrators can pick and choose from a variety of permissions available and create a role that best suits their team members.

Example Scenario: Consider a new Incident Responder in the Security Team. Their job responsibilities are limited to reviewing threats and applying remediations to them. They should not have access to sensitive areas of the platform like API Keys or managing other roles and administrators.

Armorblox makes achieving this granular control a breeze with its new Custom Role-Based Access Controls.


Fig 2: Create Custom Roles that align with individuals’ job responsibilities

Maintain data compliance by setting restrictions to an individual or select group of admins

Once your Super-Admin has created a role with granular permissions, Armorblox provides an effortless way to assign roles to individuals and groups in your organization. Super Admins just have to click “Add Admin”, select an individual user or group, select the role and confirm. These changes are immediately applied to the Armorblox platform with zero delays.


Fig 3: See a list of all Predefined and Custom Roles in a single view within the Armorblox platform

Gain visibility into actions performed with Activity Log

With Activity Log, administrators can track detailed insights into activities performed by the security team members. This in turn allows Administrators to keep a check on rogue activity which could be the start of an insider threat attack. Furthermore, Administrators have a record of past activities that can help them ensure compliance.

Armorblox safeguards sensitive data, ensuring that access levels are set appropriately across end users and gated from both insider and outsider threats. With these novel platform capabilities, Armorblox provides organizations with customizable access and restriction levels needed to maintain appropriate data privileges set across employees.

See how Armorblox safeguards sensitive data to help organizations maintain appropriate data access and how restrictions are set across employees.

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