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Customer Story: DefenseStorm - Better Sleep Starts with Email Security


Lauryn Cash
Lauryn Cash

Learn how Armorblox helps Caltech secure their students and faculty against targeted email attacks.

Armorblox DefenseStorm customer story

Learn how Armorblox has helped the CSO of DefenseStorm sleep better at night

The Customer

DefenseStorm is a cybersecurity and cyber compliance company built for the Banking industry. Based in Georgia, they specialize in helping small banks and credit unions achieve effective cybersecurity through a co-managed, cloud-based and compliance-automated solution. Through streamlining multi-step reporting and compliance into a single system of record they deliver complete, transparent and real-time cyber exposure readiness across security teams.

The Challenge

DefenseStorm found themselves at the receiving end of an onslaught of targeted email scams that were endangering employees, heightening risk exposure and were getting through the current email security measures that were in place.

Bob Thibodeaux, CSO of DefenseStorm explains the targeted emails being received:

These attacks are business email compromise or social engineering, trying to phish for phone numbers or usernames and passwords. This to me is the most dangerous aspect of email communications that we had.

DefenseStorm wanted to solve this by implementing an email security solution that stops targeted email scams, easy to use and delivers quick value without taking too much time off the security team’s bandwidth.

Thibodeaux states:

Protecting our users and email systems from social engineering and hacking is critical to protecting our business but also our customers … This is Armorblox’s sweet spot.

The Solution

Armorblox Cloud delivered mail security platform

The Armorblox platform connects seamlessly over API and provides sophisticated protection against targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation, account takeover, vendor fraud and phishing attacks. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Armorblox secures email communication and stops advanced targeted email attacks; protecting the people, customers and data of DefenseStorm from compromise.

The Armorblox platform automates the triage of malicious emails into threat categories (e.g. phish URL in mail body, payment fraud), minimizing the need for customer policy setup and upkeep – making it easy to start and continue to protect your workforce. Remediation actions taken on detected threats, such as social engineered phishing attacks, are configured from the security team (e.g. delete, quarantine, lock user account) and automatically get applied to all similar threats – allowing security teams to focus their time and resources on threats that need human review.

The Results

Armorblox has provided DefenseStorm the technology to continuously protect their business and customers:

Protection against targeted email attacks that try to steal sensitive data

Armorblox provides highly effective protection against sophisticated attacks, like the socially engineered email attacks that were targeting DefenseStorm and its customers to steal sensitive data. These attacks were automatically remediated by Armorblox, providing around-the-clock protection to end-users.

Thibodeaux was pleased with the instant protection Armorblox provides:

We found right away, within a week of turning [Armorblox] on, that these text-based attacks were being quarantined and not allowed to get to the users

Streamlined security operations and reduction of manual, repetitive work

Armorblox automates large portions of email threat protection that otherwise require hours of manual work from email security teams. Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox gives valuable time back to the DefenseStorm team to spend on high-value, strategic security projects. Armorblox streamlines email security with metric-based analysis and insightful dashboards that summarize email threats; easily connecting over API in 5-minutes for a simplified and fast integration and setup. Bob Thibodeaux explains:

What I liked about Armorblox was their API-based connection to our email system. We didn’t have to delegate our MX record to anybody, we just basically connected via API. It was a very seamless, fast installation process.

Armorblox solves for the top needs of DefenseStorm: a security tool that easily integrates into their current tech stack and provides quick time to value by stopping threats that get past other solutions.

Thibodeaux said:

For us this product is perfect. It meets the needs that we had and helps me sleep better at night – Armorblox is number one on our list.

You can watch Bob’s full Customer Story below.

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