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Customer Story: Celebrity Financial - Bringing New Meaning to Financial Security


Paige Tester
Paige Tester

Learn how Armorblox protects Celebrity Financial from targeted email threats, such as BEC and executive spoofing attacks.

Armorblox Celebrity Financial Customer Success Story

Learn how Armorblox protects Celebrity Financial from targeted email attacks.

The Customer

Celebrity Financial is a mission-driven family of financial services companies, helping to make sense of the financial world with tools and insights. Their services include mortgage banking and early-stage equity for companies in the Financial Technology space.

The Challenge

Celebrity Financial was facing a high volume of sophisticated email threats, such as executive spoofing attacks that were targeting employees. As a financial institution, they are a target for financial fraud attacks where threat actors look to exfiltrate sensitive, financial data. Because these targeted attacks were coming in at such a high volume, there was an increased risk of exposure. Michelle Wilson, the CISO at Celebrity Financial has a lean security team, meaning finding an email security platform that was easy to use and operated seamlessly without much oversight was of utmost importance.

According to a Fidelity study, 66% of advised investors would switch financial advisors in the event of a financial breach. This was one of the many reasons that Celebrity Financial needed an email security solution that could stop the high volume of targeted attacks that were bypassing their Microsoft Office 365 security and reaching employees – and Armorblox was the answer.

The Solution

Armorblox cloud-delivered mail security platform.

The Armorblox platform connects seamlessly over API and provides sophisticated protection against targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation, account takeover, vendor fraud, and phishing attacks. Armorblox secures email communication through the use of AI and NLU algorithms. Advanced targeted email attacks are stopped, protecting 2,000 end users from compromise at Celebrity Financial.

The Armorblox platform automates the triage of malicious emails into threat categories (e.g. phish URL in mail body, payment fraud), which minimizes the need for custom policy setup and upkeep. Armorblox provides highly effective protection against a wide range of targeted email attacks - whether they have malicious links, unknown links, or no links at all.

Easy-to-consume threat insights are provided for every email, and detected threats, such as socially engineered and BEC attacks, are automatically remediated based on pre-configured actions (delete, quarantine, lock account). These actions are easily configured by the security team and automatically get applied across similar threats; saving time and allowing security teams to focus energy and resources on the threats that need human review.

The Benefit

Armorblox provides Celebrity Financial with the technology to stay protected and secure, without having to drastically change their behaviors to keep security top of mind.

Protection against targeted email attacks and continual end-user education

Armorblox provides highly effective protection against sophisticated attacks, like the socially engineered, executive spoofing email attacks targeting Celebrity Financial employees.

Michelle Wilson, the CISO at Celebrity Financial was pleased with the contextual warning banners that Armorblox included within the body of an email to end users.

These warning banners clearly provide end users with the reason why Armorblox has identified the email to have malicious intent. These banners keep employees safe by preventing them from engaging with socially engineered, malicious email attacks and provide education and awareness into real examples of email attacks.

Armorblox’s ability to identify an email as malicious even when there’s not really anything obviously malicious about it, and warn my end users with a nice banner and lots of information, has been really valuable…

  • Michelle Wilson, CISO at Celebrity Financial

Streamlined security operations and reduction of manual, repetitive work

Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox easily finds and remediates malicious emails across hundreds of users' inboxes with just one click. As a lean security team, Celebrity Financial was looking for a technology solution that is effective, requires minimal upkeep, and extends the team’s bandwidth. Armorblox is able to provide this value and be that ‘set it and forget it’ email security solution Celebrity Financial requires:

One of the things that I like best about Armorblox is that I don’t have to spend a lot of time managing the technology. It’s very self-sustaining and on top of that, it’s a very clean interface.

– Michelle Wilson, CISO at Celebrity Financial

With Armorblox connected to their user-reported phishing mailbox, malicious attacks are automatically remediated without the need for human investigation or manual work. This directly benefits the Celebrity Financial security team with a 97% reduction in phishing remediation time.

According to Michelle Wilson,

One of the biggest benefits we got out of Armorblox was the automated response and the ability to very quickly identify and remove malicious emails from everybody’s mailbox and not just the one person who reported it.

Watch the video below to learn why Michelle Wilson believes,

Partnering with Armorblox is absolutely the best call we could have made!

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