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Customer Story: Endeavor Schools - An A+ in Email Security


Paige Tester
Paige Tester

Endeavor Schools needed an email security solution that would safeguard its employee's inboxes against targeted email attacks such as BEC, malware, impersonation attacks, financial fraud, and more. Learn why Endeavor Schools uses Armorblox to protect its organization.

Customer Story: Endeavor Schools - An A+ in Email Security

Learn why Endeavor Schools uses Armorblox to proactively protect its organizations against threats such as BEC, impersonation, malware, and other sophisticated email-based threats that can bypass native email security layers.

The Customer

Endeavor Schools has 96 schools across the country in 14 states and is one of the fastest-growing education management companies in the US.

The Challenge

Like many organizations, Endeavor Schools’ end-users were being targeted with sophisticated email attacks. Even though they regularly run phishing simulation campaigns and require security training for their employees, they knew the risk remained. They were interested in finding a solution that could help mitigate the risk of these targeted attacks by detecting and stopping them before they could reach end users.

Armorblox was the solution.

Like any organization, we deal with all types of threats that come in. We selected Armorblox because we wanted to be proactive and we thought it was a great tool. We implemented Armorblox as a preventative measure to avoid problems in the future.

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

The Solution

Armorblox Email Security with Advanced Threat Prevention

Armorblox leverages the power of Natural Language Understanding and large language models and combines them with machine learning models to understand the context and contents of email communications. This allows Armorblox to detect language-based attacks that can otherwise slip past undetected by Secure Email Gateways, native email security layers, and the human eye. This includes attacks such as BEC, social engineering, financial fraud, vendor compromise, impersonation, and more. Armorblox also stops sensitive outbound data loss.

We have cybersecurity training and we teach people to be suspicious of emails, but Armorblox does a lot of that checking for us. So it means that the people who are actually using email have less of a risk because they're just seeing fewer of these threats, and that makes everything more secure. I think that's the piece that's unique about Armorblox and why I really like it, because it automates many of the things that we train users to do.

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

Armorblox connects in minutes over APIs with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace and connects to Exchange to secure your human layer and maximize your return on existing security investments by leveraging integrations with downstream SIEM and SOAR.

We chose Armorblox because we liked the features, the adaptive and AI-based learning, and we thought the team and the usability of the tool were really good. The implementation team was great and Armorblox was simple to set up and easy to use.

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

As an education organization, it was important to Endeavor schools to find a solution that was easy to implement, wouldn’t require a lot of manual upkeep, and would significantly improve their security posture.

“In education, we're always looking for tools that are effective yet lightweight to implement and can make a really big difference, and I think Armorblox does just that. It’s an easy-to-implement tool, it supports the standard platforms that we use, it has a lot of automated mitigation, and it doesn't require a lot of oversight. It just works, and it dramatically improves our cybersecurity posture by having an AI-based email security tool like this.”

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

The Benefits

Better End-User Experience & Cybersecurity Awareness

By utilizing AI and large language models, Armorblox is able to precisely scan emails and detect and automatically remediate annoying graymail and malicious emails to give productivity back to IT and security teams. This also greatly benefits end-users as well, resulting in fewer unwanted emails crowding their inbox.

Armorblox uses AI and algorithms to suss out those suspicious items, making it easier for users. Because users are getting fewer bad emails in their inboxes, they don't have to look through them. From a cybersecurity standpoint, when you can make things more secure and make it a better experience, i.e less spam and garbage in someone’s inbox, that’s a win on both sides.

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

In addition to an improved end-user experience, Armorblox also provides contextual warning banners in emails so that end-users can better understand the type of threats targeting them. These warning banners provide continued end-user education by adding contextual information, specific to each targeted threat, on why an email was detected and flagged as suspicious.

Drastically Improved Security Posture & Significant Time Savings

With Armorblox, Endeavor Schools is now able to automate processes that can otherwise be time-consuming, such as the automatic remediation of user-reported email threats. Because Armorblox continuously learns from actions taken, the platform improves over time and requires little maintenance from security teams. Armorblox Abuse Mailbox automation analyzes every user-reported email to remediate known threats, weed out false positives, and escalate more sophisticated email threats to admins for review.

On the admin side, Armorblox is easy to use. A lot of the mitigations are automatic. It’s really nice when I log in and see the settings and rules that I’ve defined catch the scenarios such and get mitigated the way that I've set them within Armorblox.

– Kenneth Kass, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Endeavor Schools

Take a product tour and see for yourself why Kenneth believes,

Armorblox is a really great win from an IT standpoint because it automates a lot of tasks. It makes things easier and simpler for users and it makes the security posture stronger. I would definitely recommend Armorblox to anyone that's in a medium to large organization.

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