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Customer Story: Intermedia - how the largest email hosting provider secures every email


Lauryn Cash
Lauryn Cash

Learn how Armorblox protects Hosted Microsoft Exchange server from BEC, impersonation, and targeted email attacks

Armorblox Intermedia customer story

Read how Armorblox protects Microsoft Exchange server from BEC, impersonation, and targeted email attacks.

The Customer

Intermedia is a leading developer of cloud communications, collaboration, productivity, email, and email security solutions. Not only for businesses but also for the partners that they serve. Intermedia specializes in cloud communication solutions that allow all users to communicate and stay connected wherever work is performed.

The Challenge

With the increased implementation of cloud-based communication, Intermedia was facing an increased volume of BEC, impersonation, and other targeted email attacks. These sophisticated attacks were disrupting operations and exposing the company and partners to risk. The security team at Intermedia found that hours of manual effort was being spent on responding to these threats and user reported emails; preventing them from spending time on other pressing security initiatives.

Intermedia was looking for a security solution to augment native email security capabilities and stop BEC and other targeted email attacks that were slipping through native security layers. Additionally, finding an email security vendor that addressed these challenges across both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 was a challenge for Intermedia. In addition to increased security protection and easy connection, proof of value was a must as the Intermedia team was keen on getting a new solution integrated quickly to ensure protection for all users.

The Solution

Intermedia deployed Armorblox cloud-delivered email security platform. The Armorblox platform connects seamlessly over API and provides sophisticated protection against targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation, account takeover, vendor fraud and phishing attacks. Armorblox secures email communication through the use of AI and NLU algorithms. Advanced targeted email attacks are stopped, protecting both corporate users and customers of Intermedia from compromise.

The Armorblox platform automates the triage of malicious emails into threat categories (e.g. phish URL in mail body, payment fraud), which minimizes the need for custom policy setup and upkeep. Detected threats, such as socially engineered and BEC attacks, are automatically remediated based on pre-configured actions (delete, quarantine, lock account). These are easily configured by the security team and automatically get applied across similar threats. This saves time and allows security teams to focus energy and resources on threats that need human review.

The Benefit

Armorblox has provided Intermedia the technology to better protect their corporate users and customers:

Protection against targeted email attacks that try to steal sensitive data

Armorblox provides highly effective protection against sophisticated attacks, like the socially engineered email attacks that were targeting Intermedia and its customers. These attacks were crafted by fraudsters in an attempt to steal sensitive information and gain resources of the victims. Armorblox language-based algorithms successfully detect and automatically remediate these targeted attacks.

Jonathan Levine, CTO of Intermedia was pleased with the instant protection Armorblox provides:

We see fraudsters crafting emails, prompting either for customers to take quick action, to send money somewhere, or to enter in their credentials . . . We were looking for the kinds of smart detection features that Armorblox provides, being able to look for emails that include language that is suggestive of fraud.

Sophisticated and around-the-clock protection was exactly what Intermedia needed to protect not only Intermedia’s corporate users but also their million plus customers.

Streamlined security operations and reduction of manual, repetitive work

Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox gives back valuable time to the Intermedia email security team. Through automating large portions of email threat protection, the team is able to put those hours saved into proactive initiatives. Now, the team is able to spend time on high-value security projects.

Levine explains:

“We think it’s a big advantage to see all the email traffic that Armorblox is seeing and to use this email traffic to understand patterns of fraud, to help protect our customers in ways that we couldn’t otherwise.”

Armorblox has automated large parts of Intermedia’s user-reported phishing mailbox. A majority of attacks are now automatically remediated across user mailboxes, with a single click. This has directly benefited the security team with a reduction in remediation time of 92% for user-reported emails.

Quick proof of value and seamless integration with existing security stack

Armorblox streamlines email security with metric-based analysis and insightful dashboards that summarize email threats; easily connecting over API in 5-minutes for a simplified and fast integration and setup. Intermedia’s top need was to find an email security solution that augments native email security capabilities. Armorblox showcased quick time to value by stopping threats that were slipping past their native email security solution.

Additionally, Intermedia needed a tool that integrates easily into their current tech stack. Levin explains the importance of this:

We are a Hosted Microsoft Exchange provider and Armorblox was the only partner we found who could help us protect these on-premise mailboxes. Since implementing Armorblox, we have been able to protect not only Intermedia’s corporate users but also our million plus customers.

Watch the video below, to learn why Jonathan Levine believes, “Partnering with Armorblox was the only decision for our team.”

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