Customer Story: PharmEasy - Protecting Your Prescriptions

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Customer Story: PharmEasy - Protecting Your Prescriptions

Learn why PharmEasy uses Armorblox to protect its organization from targeted email attacks such as executive impersonation, BEC attacks, financial fraud, and more.

The Customer

PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app” that serves over 25 million users by providing them with on-demand, home-delivered access to a wide range of prescription, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, comprehensive diagnostic test services, and teleconsultations.

The Challenge

PharmEasy was facing a high volume of phishing, executive impersonation, and other types of BEC attacks. These threats were bypassing their Google Workspace email security and inundating their security team with busy work. As an organization with millions of users and thousands of employees, they needed a solution that could protect their organization against targeted email attacks and data loss, while freeing up valuable time for their Security team.

Armorblox was the solution.

The Solution

Armorblox Email Security with Advanced Threat Prevention

One of the many benefits of Armorblox is our ability to connect via API and begin protecting your environment in only 5 minutes. Armorblox offers state-of-the-art technology and no-fuss integration. Unlike legacy email security solutions, Armorblox also allows the ability to search for any existing threats that might be lurking in users’ inboxes.

In this case, Armorblox was able to integrate seamlessly with PharmEasy’s Google email security to provide sophisticated protection against targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation, account takeover, vendor fraud, and phishing attacks. With Armorblox, PharmEasy is able to protect its 7,000 + employees from these types of attacks.

Armorbloxs protects you from phishing attacks, VIP impersonation attacks, card fraud, social engineering, credential phishing, internal payment frauds...

- Chandresh Dedhia, Group CIO at PharmEasy

Another benefit of using Armorblox is the valuable time that is saved through automating repetitive tasks such as the remediation of user-reported phishing emails.

One of the unexpected benefits of Armorblox is that a huge amount of time is saved by most of the actions and identifications that are done by the tool automatically. The team has hardly any actionables needed to be done, saving so much time.

- Chandresh Dedhia, Group CIO at PharmEasy

Armorblox automates the triage of malicious emails into threat categories (e.g. phishing bad URL, financial fraud), which minimizes the need for custom policy setup and upkeep. Armorblox provides protection against targeted email attacks regardless of whether they have malicious links, unknown links, or no links at all.

The AI model learns from each and every action that you take and the whole process becomes absolutely flawless

- Chandresh Dedhia, Group CIO at PharmEasy

Easy-to-consume threat insights are provided for every email and detected threats—such as socially engineered and BEC attacks—are automatically remediated based on pre-configured actions (delete, quarantine, block, lock account). These actions are easily configured by the security team and automatically get applied across similar threats; saving time and allowing security teams to focus energy and resources on the threats that need human review.

There is hardly any manual intervention required when it comes to these kind of attacks and how Armorblox is able to block these

- Chandresh Dedhia, Group CIO at PharmEasy

The Benefits

Armorblox protects PharmEasy against targeted email threats that can easily bypass their Google email security. In addition, their security team gains deeper insights into the types of threats that are targeting the human layer of their organization, including their most targeted individuals.

Without having to drastically change behaviors, PharmEasy’s security team is better equipped now to deal with these types of threats and save a significant amount of time, due to the autonomous nature of the Armorblox platform.

Greater Insights and Protection with Reduced Disruptions to Sensitive Business Workflows

Armorblox provides highly effective protection against socially engineered and targeted attacks that can bypass native email security controls such as Google email security.

Chandresh Dedhia, the Group CIO at PharmEasy, is pleased with the amount of visibility he now has into the attacks that are being launched against the organization and end users.

We had this pre- and post-Armorblox era, and the amount of visibility that we get now is very, very high. Armorblox makes it easier for all of us to have the right set of threats categorized in a way where there are proper actionable items available.

- Chandresh Dedhia, Group CIO at PharmEasy

Streamlined Security Operations and Significant Time Savings

Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox easily finds and remediates malicious emails across hundreds of users' inboxes with just one click.

With Armorblox connected to their user-reported phishing mailbox, malicious attacks are automatically remediated without the need for human investigation or manual work. This directly benefits security teams with a 75-97% reduction in phishing remediation time.

According to Chandresh,

We have seen a lot of time saved on aspects like daily monitoring, reconfiguration, tagging emails, and identifying threats. Armorblox has exceeded our expectations in many ways.

Watch the full video to hear why Chandresh Dedhia believes,

Armorblox has improved overall life for us, from a security team perspective… This is one tool every security team should have.

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