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Customer Story: Valeo Financial Advisors - Security For Your Securities


Paige Tester
Paige Tester

Learn how Valeo Financial Advisors uses Armorblox to stop targeted email attacks such as client impersonation and financial fraud.

Armorblox Customer Story Valeo Financial Advisors

Learn why Valeo Financial Advisors uses Armorblox to protect their organization from targeted email attacks such as payment fraud and impersonation. 

The Customer

Valeo Financial Advisors is a fee-only advisory firm that is ranked as one of the largest financial advisory firms in the Midwest, and a Top 300 RIA Firm by the Financial Times. They focus on a client’s entire financial picture including insurance, taxes, cash flow, educational funding, retirement, and estate planning.

The Challenge

Valeo Financial was facing an increased volume of targeted email scams such as payment fraud, client email compromise, and other BEC attacks. As trusted financial advisors, they needed a solution that would reduce their risk exposure and block these types of threats from reaching their employees.

While Valeo had some existing security measures in place, including a Secure Email Gateway, they were still experiencing attacks slipping past, putting their customers, business, and reputation at risk. They needed a solution that would integrate well with their existing security stack while catching the targeted email attacks that were bypassing these systems.

As a mid-size company with a lean technology team, it was important that they find a tool that would protect them without requiring too much oversight. They needed a solution that was both easy to use and could automate email security busywork. Cue Armorblox.

The Solution

Armorblox Cloud Email Security Platform

The Armorblox platform connects seamlessly over API and Armorblox Advanced Threat Prevention solution provides sophisticated protection against targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), impersonation, account takeover, vendor fraud, phishing, and social engineering attacks.

Armorblox uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand the content and context of emails, putting a stop to various types of financial fraud like wire fraud, payment fraud, and payroll fraud. Machine learning models combine the understanding of business processes (like invoices) with the content of the email (request to change bank account) to stop threats.

Easy-to-consume threat insights are provided for every email and detected threats - such as socially engineered and BEC attacks - are automatically remediated based on pre-configured actions (delete, quarantine, lock account). These actions are easily configured and automatically get applied across similar threats; saving time and allowing your team to focus energy and resources on the threats that need human review.

The Benefits

Armorblox provides Valeo Financial with the peace of mind that their customers’ finances are safe. In addition, Armorblox supplies them with deeper insights into the types of email-based threats targeting their organization and their most targeted employees.

Armorblox is singularly aligned with providing the same security and peace of mind to us that we ultimately want to provide to our clients. We view them as an absolute partner in that goal. - Greg Fulk, COO, Valeo Financial Advisors

Protection against targeted email attacks and safer customers

Armorblox provides highly effective protection against socially engineered attacks that can bypass native email security controls. When Greg Fulk, the Chief Operations Officer at Valeo Financial Advisors chose Armorblox as their email security solution, he was pleased with Armorblox’s ability to immediately catch a threat that bypassed their SEG:

Within 2 weeks of first implementing Armorblox, it immediately caught a client email compromise. We were able to reach out to the client and head off a lot of greater damage that could have occurred. - Greg Fulk, COO, Valeo Financial Advisors

Streamlined security operations and reduction of manual, repetitive work

Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox easily finds and remediates malicious emails across hundreds of users' inboxes with just one click.

For me, the largest benefit of working with Armorblox is the user-generated reports of fraudulent email. An advisor being able to forward something to an abuse email, Armorblox receiving that, analyzing it, and immediately removing that email from all the other inboxes in the company – it encourages and empowers all of my employees to think about security. - Greg Fulk, COO, Valeo Financial Advisors

As a busy COO, Greg needed a solution that is effective, utilizes state-of-the-art technology, and integrates well with Valeo’s existing tools. Armorblox is able to provide this value and be that ‘set it and forget it’ email security solution Valeo was looking for.

Armorblox has been very easy to use. Once set up is done, it’s pretty automated.  - Greg Fulk, COO, Valeo Financial Advisors

With Armorblox connected to their user-reported phishing mailbox, malicious attacks are automatically remediated without the need for human investigation or manual work. This feature directly benefits Security Operations teams with a 75-97% reduction in phishing remediation time.

Watch the full video below to learn more about the benefits of using Armorblox and see why Greg Fulk says:

I would recommend Armorblox to any financial institution, any wealth management firm, and anybody that interacts with their clients via email regularly.

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