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Prevent Data Exposure With Advanced Email DLP


Anand Raghavan
Anand Raghavan

How do you know which email DLP platform is right for your business? Understand the product capabilities and key differentiators Armorblox has to offer in the battle against email data loss.

Prevent Data Exposure With Advanced Email DLP

Investing in email DLP (data loss prevention) software is necessary to your company’s cybersecurity arsenal when protecting your data from accidental or malicious data loss incidents.

Unfortunately, email has made it very easy to share confidential or sensitive data with unauthorized recipients. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, the human element continues to drive breaches. Web applications and email are the top two vectors for breaches, followed by carelessness, misdelivery, and misconfiguration.

People play a large part in email security incidents, whether via simple errors, malicious insiders, stolen credentials, or phishing.

Email DLP software is designed to protect businesses from both internal and external risks. By monitoring, detecting, and flagging suspicious email activity, email DLP can prevent unintended and malicious sharing of sensitive data over email. However, not all DLP software is created equal.

Which is the best email DLP solution? With so many platforms to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business? Today we’ll discuss what Armorblox has to offer in the battle against data loss.

How Do You Know You’ve Experienced Email Data Loss?

Not sure if you’ve been compromised? Here are six indicators of email data loss:

  • Unusual mail rules: Like auto-forwarding all business mails to a personal email address
  • Suspicious downloads: A sudden, noticeable increase in downloaded documents
  • Incorrect recipients: Sending information to a misspelled email address
  • Confidential data leaks: Sharing sensitive information with an unauthorized party
  • Anomalous user behavior: Sending emails from an impossible destination
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC): Requests sent from a hacked account

Armorblox Email DLP Capabilities

Armorblox’s email DLP encompasses strategies and techniques to protect your sensitive data. Email data loss prevention is a type of DLP that attempts to stop data loss caused by email transmission from internal and external sources.

Armorblox’s email DLP platform helps prevent accidental or malicious data exposure while increasing your security operations' efficiency. Armorblox’s email DLP capabilities include:

  • Advanced data loss prevention prevents the loss of sensitive PII, PCI, and PHI data across email workflows.
  • A combination of NLU with traditional regexes and custom identifiers to bring intelligence and precision to DLP.
  • Advanced detection of misaddressed emails via behavioral DLP, not just pattern matching.

Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention Benefits

  • Reduce false positive rates by 10x so security teams can spend more time on proactive security projects and less time managing false alerts.
  • Prevent accidental or malicious exposure of sensitive data, by combining user behavior analytics, content analysis, and insight from across business email workflows.
  • Policies are automatically added when new laws emerge, so regulatory compliance is kept top of mind, keeping you up-to-date on the latest security threats.
  • No hidden or additional costs, and our Success Team is available for all our customers before, during, and after onboarding.
  • Save time by automating security response, with detections powered by natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML), rather than standard rule-based policy setup.
  • Protect organization-specific data with NLU that goes beyond out-of-the-box policies to support custom policies for organizations that need to protect unique, sensitive data (like product code names and medical record number nomenclature).

The Armorblox Difference

  • While all platforms offer customizations, Armorblox is the only one to provide natural language understanding (NLU) on top of custom policies.
  • Unlike competitors’ products that can take weeks or months to configure (or require a professional services engagement), Armorblox connects via API and can be up and running in five minutes.
  • Our API-based software works outside of mail flow, leaving your email flows unimpacted.
  • Coupled with advanced threat protection, Armorblox protects outbound and inbound email communications; versus email security solutions that only protect one or the other.
  • While some email security solutions offer separately packaged tools not including maintenance costs, Armorblox is an all-in-one solution with no additional costs.
  • Many legacy DLP vendors have lost their innovative edge, as a result of corporate and financial restructuring after private equity investor acquisitions. Armorblox is leading innovation by tackling DLP with a fresh perspective based on NLU and machine learning.

Email DLP Solutions: Armorblox For The Win

So why choose Armorblox? Here’s why Armorblox’s best-in-class software is the right choice for your cloud office:

Armorblox goes beyond simple pattern matching. It is the only modern email DLP platform currently available that uses natural language understanding (NLU) to detect and protect sensitive data across business email workflows.

Protect your organization’s sensitive data and stop accidental or malicious data loss with Armorblox. Connect via API to your email environment, and start protecting your sensitive data in minutes.

Give your security team the gift of time. Take a 5-minute tour of Armorblox today.

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