Fueling the growth engines!

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Fueling the growth engines!

Conquering the 2020 crucible

The team here at Armorblox has had a busy year.

We added over 9000+ customers to the Armorblox platform.

We broke our own records for achievement in a single quarter.

We removed 100,000+ attacks from the inboxes of businesses within the US and Canada.

We grew our team by 50% with leaders joining us from path-breaking companies like Duo Security, Netflix, Demisto, and more.

What’s more remarkable is that we accomplished all of this (and more!) while undergoing a tectonic shift in the way we work. Our “all in” culture and mindset couldn’t have been more apparent when our team dug in and delivered value for one customer after another.

All of the above growth signals tie into one unified theme. Current email security solutions are not nearly enough to protect businesses. Hundreds of digital workflows have become a part of our daily lives - getting password reset emails, fulfilling vendor invoice requests, changing employee DD details for payroll, collaborating on online documents, and more. Cybercriminals are inserting themselves into these workflows using impersonation and social engineering techniques to steal money and data. Armorblox has proven time and again, that it stops these attacks.

Partners of choice

Today, I am really excited to announce that Armorblox has raised $30M in Series B funding led by Next47, and that T.J. Rylander will be joining our board.

When looking for partners to build an enduring business, it is critical to find alignment at several different levels. When we began talking to T.J. and the Next47 crew, we quickly realized that they were going to provide us with what a lot of startups need. An unfair advantage. TJ is a powerhouse of knowledge on navigating the federal landscape and his years at In-Q-Tel (IQT) give him a unique perspective that’s second to none. His experience of being on the boards of FireEye, Cloudera, Pure Storage among others, provides us with insider insight into enterprise security and infrastructure companies that scaled rapidly. Lastly, the Catalyst program from Next47 proved its value before we even signed the termsheet by introducing us to prospects and customers from the Siemens network and filling our pipeline with real, qualified opportunities. It’s like being bitten by a spider and waking up to being able to leap tall buildings.

A key topic that dominated our minds last year was how stretched our healthcare system was across the country. When we read news about hospitals being targeted by ransomware sent over socially engineered emails, we were simply outraged. Being a mission-driven company in such times is not easy. When we were introduced to Dave Barrett at Polaris Partners, we discovered that he and his firm had deep roots in Healthcare and Pharma. Dave’s experience in enterprise security combined with his service as an advisor to Mass-Gen Brigham and the board at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute helped us get into the right conversations with the IT staff within hospitals. We were excited to have Dave and Polaris participate in our oversubscribed round and for helping us in our efforts to mitigate the attacks against our healthcare system.

Liftoff in 3, 2, 1...

Our series B fuels our growth engines. It helps us scale our commitment to our customers by continuing to deliver a top-notch product and augmenting that with customer service that cares about the people and the teams within these enterprises. Every single function is getting fueled. Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, Support, Marketing, and more. We are gearing up to deliver more value to our customers, faster.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have amazing executives join us in our journey towards making security easy and effective for everyone. Each and every single one of them brings a superpower that further adds to the unfairness of our advantage.


Brian Johnson joins us as our first Chief Security Officer after having been a security practitioner at multi-billion dollar public companies like Upwork, Lending Club, and Netflix. Rob Fry, having worked with Brian @ Netflix in his prior life, joined us as Chief Technology Officer after reimagining what SIEMs should be at JASK (now Sumo Logic). At Duo Security, Jason Stutt was instrumental in guiding the enterprise team and growing the business from $3 Million to over $75 Million in 3 short years. Together with Bryan O’Neil, Mandy Legal, and Andrew McGuire, we have assembled the world-class team that catapulted Duo to its heights, to now help craft an incredible experience for customers of Armorblox.

Here at Armorblox, we are beyond excited to welcome each one of these super heroes! If you see yourself being part of this crew, if you get excited about the mission of stopping bad guys, if you like making security easy to use, and if you are passionate about building the future, come join us. We are hiring!

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