Together, Armorblox and Coalition Protect Organizations against Business Email Compromise

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Together, Armorblox and Coalition Protect Organizations against Business Email Compromise

We are quick to insure our homes, cars, family members and even pets. Why? Because protection against the unknown and potential damage is a smart decision. We are prepared when it comes to personal issues, but how do we protect our organizations against threats?

Business Email Compromise (BEC), Email Account Compromise (EAC) and phishing attacks continue to increase in complexity and pose high financial risk to organizations of all sizes. These sophisticated, targeted email attacks can slip through legacy native email security tools and put businesses at risk. Managing this risk requires a new approach, a modern technology stack to fight the new attack vectors and a cyber insurance vendor who understands the current risk profiles to provide the best coverage.

There is one common thread that ties BEC, EAC, phishing and other sophisticated threats - they are socially engineered targeted attacks on individuals or business workflows (like payroll, invoice, etc.). Stopping these threats require the ability to understand the users, behavior of the users and the content/context of the emails. At Armorblox we pioneer the use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning-based algorithms to detect and stop these targeted attacks that legacy email security solutions cannot catch.

According to a recently published market report*, in 2021, a whopping 48% of all cyber incidents originated from phishing attacks. Coalition, a modern cyber insurance provider has deep understanding of the evolving attack surface of phishing threats and also how NLU-based email security provides superior cyber defense. This allows them to offer cyber insurance coverage that minimizes the financial and economic impact of these threats to the organizations.

Armorblox and Coalition are proud to partner in order to provide customers this additional layer of protection, with innovative end-to-end protection against email threats and digital risks. This partnership provides customers confidence in preventing sophisticated, targeted attacks and peace of mind knowing they have the broadest coverage to protect their businesses from financial losses.

DJ Sampath, co-founder and CEO of Armorblox shares, “Armorblox cloud delivered SaaS email security platform uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify and stop sophisticated email based threats; including BEC, EAC and phishing attacks that aim to exfiltrate your organizations’ sensitive data. Armorblox is proud to partner with Coalition so customers can receive best-in-class cyber coverage to parallel the exceptional email security protection we provide.”

“Coalition policyholders gain more than just insurance – we equip and protect organizations with active monitoring and in-house incident response to protect them from fast-moving digital threats”, says Matt Dort, Head of Technology Alliances for Coalition. “We are proud to partner with Armorblox to equip organizations against the detrimental effects of cyber threats we have seen first hand, as BEC, Funds Transfer Fraud (FTF) and Ransomware continue to be the most reported incidents.”

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