COVID-19 Resource Center

As businesses navigate the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we want to ensure your inboxes are safe. Armorblox has compiled some key resources to help organizations protect against targeted email attacks that use coronavirus (COVID-19) as a lure.


COVID-19 Educational Resources

Armorblox Free Edition

The Armorblox Free Edition provides all capabilities of the Armorblox email security platform for 90 days to protect against targeted email attacks and outbound data loss.

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Coronavirus Credential Phishing

Learn how Armorblox detected a coronavirus credential phishing attempt that got past O365 defenses.

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Webinar: Protecting Against Coronavirus Email Fraud

Learn how cybercriminals are using coronavirus as a lure in socially engineered emails.

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Coronavirus Brings New Targeted Email Attacks to the Fore

This blog outlines common types of security attacks that have spiked in recent weeks amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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Other Educational Resources

Here are some other resources that provide insight into email security market trends, targeted email attacks, and capabilities to look for in third-party email security controls.

Trends in Email Security

More than 66% of organizations consider email one of their top five security priorities. To learn why, download the ebook on trends in email security.

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How Payroll Fraud Works

Targeted emails that fraudulently request a change in direct deposit information to steal from a company’s employee.

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How Vendor Email Fraud Works

These ‘long con’ attacks utilize compromised third-party email accounts to defraud organizations of money and sensitive data.

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Secure the Human Layer

Learn how you can secure the human layer against targeted email attacks by leveraging natural language understanding.

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Augmenting Office 365 Email Security

Native Office 365 email security capabilities offer good protection against commoditized email attacks. However, there are entire categories of email compromise that evade O365 detection by manipulating language. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can augment native O365 email security to protect against targeted email attacks.

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