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Episode 02

Emilio Escobar | CISO at Datadog


Meet Emilio Escobar, CISO at Datadog. Learn about his impressive cybersecurity career, experience deploying in Afghanistan and Iraq, and passion for diversity in security.

Hobbies & Interests: Writing, hiking, camping, gaming, mentoring

Meet Emilio Escobar, CISO at Datadog. Emilio has had an impressive career, having formerly been in security at organizations such as PlayStation, Hulu, and the National Security Agency.

Hear from Emilio as we chat with him about what attracted him to a career in cybersecurity, his upbringing in Puerto Rico, and his first introduction to the world of cyber, including a decade of work at the NSA. 

Emilio also shares his personal experience being deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq during the war, and how it shaped his present endeavors to foster greater diversity and inclusivity in cybersecurity, with the ultimate goal of empowering the next cohort of leaders in the field.

Emilio Escobar

“When I started in security, there was no definition as to what a security person is… The domain has grown so much that we’ve sort of built these barriers on ourselves as to what a security engineer needs to be. So I recognize that getting into the field now is much more difficult.”

Emilio Escobar