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Episode 03

George Finney | CISO and Best-selling Author


Meet George Finney, CISO and best-selling author. Discover his multi-faceted career and passion for the human aspects of security.

Hobbies & Interests: Spray painting, writing, mentoring

Meet George Finney, CISO at Southern Methodist University and best-selling author of several books, including Project Zero Trust, Well Aware, and No More Magic Wands. George has worn many hats throughout his career, including attorney, network architect, professor, writer, innovator, project manager, and strategist.

George is multi-faceted, with interests and work ranging from security to spray painting to writing and more. Hear from George as we chat with him about his start in cybersecurity, what led him to becoming a writer, and his passion for the human aspects of security.

“To have success in any organization, you have to focus on the people. Security is the reason we come together as a species, as a civilization. We come together for mutual protection. I think security is really that foundational thing that we do as a community that helps everyone. It’s a job that’s so fulfilling because it’s built into our DNA.”

Last Summer, George spray painted the Armorblox logo for us, including an abstract take and a version that is a homage to the Ukranian flag. Watch the video below to George transform these blank canvases into art.