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Secure Your Campus Against Email Compromise

Learn how Armorblox secures your campus against targeted email attacks and data loss. Connects over APIs and works with Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange.

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Education's Unique Email Security Challenges

With a diverse set of stakeholders and an attack surface that increases with every new semester, educational institutions deal with unique email security challenges.

Lean IT and Security Teams
Weaponized Transparency
Device and Application Sprawl
Productive (But Risky) Behaviors

Advanced Threat Prevention

  • Prevent Targeted Email Attacks
    Armorblox looks at thousands of signals to understand the context of email communications and stop email attacks that get past Microsoft, Google, and SEG security controls.

  • Detect Email Impersonation
    Stop scammers from spoofing trusted entities and inducing unwanted actions from target employees or students.

  • Stop Vendor Fraud & Extortion
    Detect compromised third-party vendor accounts being used to defraud you of money and data. Identify emails where attackers claim to hold sensitive information in exchange for payments from victims.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Email Account Compromise Protection

  • Stop Email Account Compromise Attempts
    Stop account takeover attempts that frequently get past traditional security controls. Detect unusual behavioral signals such as anonymous logins, impossible travel, and sequences of strong authentication failures.

  • Stop Credential Phishing
    Stop cybercriminals from phishing for faculty and student email account credentials, such as emails linking to fake university portals or Office 365 / Google login pages.

  • Prevent Data Exfiltration
    Prevent data exfiltration by identifying unusual mail forwarding rules. Stop PII and PCI from falling into the wrong hands over email.

Email Account Compromise Protection

Smarter Security That Learns and Adapts

  • Gain Deeper Insights With Reporting
    Utilize explainable insights and threat indicators built for human eyes. Armorblox clearly explains why each email threat is safe or suspicious. These insights simplify investigation and enable your security team to mark rare false positives with greater confidence.

  • Improve Employee Awareness and Education
    Educate end users with in-email contextual warning banners and threat insights for real suspicious emails.

  • Harness Custom ML Models & AI
    Our AI isn’t just a mysterious force working behind the scenes. Contain threats with custom machine learning models built for every organization and user. Surface anomalous behavioral patterns and domain communication history.

Smarter Security That Learns and Adapts

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

  • Take Back Time for Security Teams
    Armorblox has pre-built detection policies and automatable response actions. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team has more time to investigate and hunt for threats.

  • Automatically Remediate Threats
    Save time by setting automated remediation workflows for specific departments and threat types with custom alerting. Avoid manual policy creation with pre-built threat detection categories (e.g. payroll fraud, social engineering).

  • Leverage Preconfigured Policy Actions
    Use preconfigured policy actions that automatically label, quarantine, or delete suspicious emails.

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Why Armorblox for Education?

Email security isn’t something you can afford to ignore, even with tight operating budgets. Armorblox protects educational institutions in three ways:

Advanced Technology

See Armorblox in Action

Armorblox x UCLA
Armorblox x UCLA

“What is really neat for me as a CIO is that whenever I get an email that looks suspicious, I forward it to the email abuse mailbox. Armorblox then immediately quarantines the threat for everybody else.”

Howard Miller
CIO | UCLA Anderson School of Management

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