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Email Security Solutions for Your Manufacturing Business

Learn how Armorblox secures healthcare organizations against targeted email attacks and data loss. Connects over APIs and works with Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange.

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organizations protected
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Manufacturing’s Unique Email Security Challenges

Manufacturers possess high volumes of intellectual property and PCI data, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Vulnerable to Vendor Email Compromise
Supply Chain Attack Risk
Increased Phishing Risk
Seasonal Workforce

How Armorblox Protects Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturers must shield themselves against targeted attacks. Armorblox security solutions protect against a variety of email-based threats.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Prevention

  • Stop Targeted Attacks
    Guard against email attacks such as BEC, phishing, social engineering, and financial fraud attacks like payroll fraud, payment fraud, and wire fraud.

  • Protect Against Account Compromise
    Stop email account takeover attempts that aim to steal your organization’s intellectual property and other sensitive data.

  • Block Vendor Fraud and Supply Chain Attacks
    Protect against attacks that impersonate trusted vendors, customers, and third-party contacts that exploit the trust of employees and bypass legacy email security tools.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

  • Protect Intellectual Property & Sensitive Data
    Protect against the theft of IP, trade secrets, and other types of sensitive data over email.

  • Create Custom Policies
    Protect business-specific data with matching context and data identifiers.

  • Reduce False Positives
    Reduce false positive rates with language-based models that identify PII, PCI, and PHI within sophisticated email contexts.

Advanced URL Protection

Advanced URL Protection

  • Selectively Rewrite URLs
    Rewrite URLs for suspicious links and websites so end-users can see safe URLs without engaging with potentially malicious links.

  • Increase End-User Awareness
    Contextual warning banners explain why users are being safely redirected from malicious links if clicked.

  • Block Advanced Threats
    Guard against zero-day and credential phishing attacks that use evasive techniques in web pages and embedded URLs with machine learning-based analysis.

Why Armorblox for Manufacturing?

Email security isn’t something you should ignore or put off. Armorblox protects manufacturing businesses in three ways:

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