Email Security Solutions for Your Retail Business

Retail businesses face unique challenges in email security, making them susceptible to cybercriminal attacks. Learn how Armorblox protects retailers against targeted email attacks and sensitive data loss while enhancing their security posture. 

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Retailers' Unique Email Security Challenges

Retailers possess high volumes of sensitive data and money, making them ideal targets for cybercriminals.

Vulnerable to Vendor Fraud Attacks
Greater Risk of Email Account Takeover
Supply Chain Attack Risk
High-Flux Workforce

Advanced Threat Prevention

  • Stop Targeted Attacks
    Guard against BEC, social engineering, and financial fraud attacks like payroll fraud, payment fraud, and wire fraud.

  • Prevent Account Compromise
    Stop account takeover attempts that frequently target high-value retailer domains. 

  • Block Impersonation Attacks
    Protect against attacks that impersonate trusted vendors, customers, and third-party contacts that exploit the trust of  employees and bypass legacy email security tools.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

  • Secure Valuable Data
    Detect and prevent PII and PCI (bank account details, credit card numbers) data loss over email.

  • Create Custom Policies
    Protect business-specific data with matching context and data identifiers.

  • Reduce False Positives
    Reduce false positive rates with language-based models that identify PII, PCI, and PHI within sophisticated email contexts.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

  • Handle High Alert Volumes
    Daily attack campaigns result in abuse mailboxes that are difficult to manage. Armorblox helps relieve the burden placed on security teams.

  • Relieve Insufficient Security Staff
    Many retail operations don’t have enough (if any) IT security staff to handle email threat triage.

  • Guard Against Common Attack Vectors
    Most security breaches involve email. Ensuring protection against email threats is vital to keeping your business safe.

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Why Armorblox for Retail?

Email security isn’t something you can afford to ignore, even with tight operating budgets. Armorblox protects retail businesses in three ways:

Advanced Technology

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“Armorblox protects you from phishing attacks, VIP impersonation attacks, card fraud, social engineering, credential phishing, internal payment frauds...”

Chandresh Dedhia
Group CIO | PharmEasy

“There have been business email compromises detected by Armorblox where a known business partner of ours has had a compromising event and sent a malicious email to us that had bypassed our traditional filters.”

Brien Borchardt
Director of Information Technology | General Beverage

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