Armorblox Offers Free Email Protection Against Coronavirus Fraud and Other Socially Engineered Attacks

Free Cloud-Delivered Email Security Will Stop Targeted Email Attacks that Exploit COVID-19 Uncertainty to Cause Financial and Data Loss.

CUPERTINO, Calif. — March 19, 2020 — Armorblox, an email security company that protects against targeted email attacks, today announced the free availability of its platform for small businesses that are navigating market fluctuations driven by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Recent weeks have seen a spike in socially engineered email attacks that steal money and data under the guise of providing updates on COVID-19. Armorblox will make its fully-featured email security platform free for businesses that have between 100 and 2,000 employees until April 30th and will reassess the situation for potential extensions beyond that.

Interested businesses can request a free version of Armorblox here.

Armorblox is a cloud-native email security platform that connects to email providers over APIs. By leveraging natural language understanding, deep learning, and other techniques, Armorblox is able to analyze thousands of email signals including the language within email bodies to stop socially engineered email attacks.

Targeted Email Attacks

“As remote work becomes the new normal, protecting email communications is more vital than ever,” said Dhananjay Sampath, CEO of Armorblox. “Cybercriminals have attempted to hijack news cycles and online search patterns in the past, and that trend is sadly reappearing amid the fear and uncertainty driven by COVID-19. Targeted email attacks are weaponizing our human instinct of wanting to learn more about the state of the pandemic. These emails trick us into sharing sensitive information or completing fraudulent payments.”

Over the past few weeks, attackers have launched socially engineered email campaigns to impersonate the CDC, WHO, and other reputed organizations. The emails claim to provide useful health information and include attachments that infect target systems with malware or steal account credentials. This blog post compiles some common email attacks that piggyback on coronavirus-induced panic.

Alleviating the Impact on Small Businesses

With stagnating demand and shrinking access to credit, small businesses face many hardships as the economy looks to right itself over the coming months. “Armorblox is also a small business, so we can fully empathize with the unpredictability of daily life right now,” said Sampath. “We believe that Armorblox can alleviate the lack of security that might creep in while small businesses focus on other immediate concerns. And since most communications are poised to be over email, inboxes are prime targets for attackers.”


About Armorblox

Armorblox is a cloud-native and content-aware email security platform that protects against targeted attacks such as business email compromise, account takeover, and executive impersonation. Organizations use Armorblox to deploy pre-configured policy actions that block suspicious emails, automate abuse mailbox remediation, and prevent outbound data loss. For more information, visit

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