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Communicate without compromise over email using large language models like GPT and AI. Armorblox analyzes and understands the content and context of communications to safeguard your human layer against targeted attacks and data loss.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★4.7
★ ★ ★ ★ ★4.7

Advanced Threat Prevention

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Financial Fraud Prevention

Identify malicious behavior to stop financial fraud attacks, including wire fraud, payment fraud, and payroll fraud.

Email Account Compromise

Protect organizational data by detecting unusual mail forwarding rules and suspicious behavior signals.

Targeted Attack Protection

Stop socially engineered attacks that slip past native email security controls, and increase security posture with end-user education of real threats.

Vendor and Executive Impersonation Protection

Protect the most targeted end users from vendor, brand, and executive impersonation attempts.

Internal Mail Analysis and Protection

Mitigate insider threats and prevent lateral attacks from compromised accounts.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

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Data Loss Prevention

Reduce false positive rates seen with legacy DLP solutions by 10x with language-based models that protect organization-specific data loss.

Custom Policies and Regular Expressions

Protect against all types of organization-specific data (patient records, project code names, critical files with custom policies), and extend beyond the capabilities of regular expression.

Sensitive Data Encryption

Prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data with automatic identification and encryption of all data types across email communications.

Security Operations

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Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Automate away 75-97% of manual work associated with user-reported phishing emails without creating any rules.

Integrations with SOAR and SIEM Tools

Integrate SOAR and SIEM tools seamlessly to improve security posture and reduce the mean time to respond for security teams.

Vendor and Supply Chain Attack Protection

Stop vendor fraud and supply chain attacks with around-the-clock monitoring and risk analysis of over 50,000 vendors.

Threat Investigation

Simplify threat investigation and hunting with all account compromise attempt alerts and threat intel consolidated in a single timeline view.

Search and Remediate

Quickly search across all emails and apply bulk actions to classify, quarantine, or hard delete messages with one click.

Custom Role-Based Access Controls

Maintain data compliance and reduce data blindspots with custom restriction and access levels across the organization.

Custom Workflows Across User-Reported Threats

Automate investigation and response for user-reported threats with preconfigured templates that save time and reduce false positives with pre-authorized, custom workflows.

Threat Insight Reports

Receive detailed insights into the threats Armorblox stopped that targeted end users and bypassed in-line security tools.

Additional Capabilities

Advanced URL Protection

Prevent end users from clicking on malicious URLs that evade native security controls.

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Advanced Malware Detection

Protect against previously unseen, targeted malware and advanced persistent threats.

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Graymail and Recon Threat Protection

Classifying graymail and protecting against recon attacks reduces the risk of overlooking security threats, while automatically monitoring end-user movements for individual preferences improves efficiency for security teams.

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Connect over APIs for all email platforms without needing MX record changes or disrupting mail flow. Integrate with SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and SSO tools to simplify threat investigation, reduce time to remediation, and enhance your organization’s security posture.

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Armorblox protects your organization against targeted attacks that bypass legacy security controls.

Business Email Compromise

Stop sophisticated BEC attacks that target end users, including vendor email compromise, payroll diversion fraud, and executive impersonation threats.

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Email Account Compromise

Executive Phishing

Email Data Loss Prevention

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

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How It Works

Armorblox prevents targeted email attacks and secures your data by understanding the context of your organization and users, and establishes communication baselines using GPT and NLU.

  1. Connect


    Connects in minutes over API without MX record changes, rerouting, or security busywork.

  2. Train


    Analyzes three months of email archives and builds communication baselines for your organization.

  3. Protect


    Flags targeted email attacks and data loss violations automatically - no policy setup needed.

  4. Respond


    Configures automated remediation actions – delete, block, quarantine, encrypt, apply warning banners, and lock end-user accounts.

  5. Learn


    Every threat, manual action, and remediation action change allows Armorblox to improve over time.

Why Customers Love Armorblox

Hear straight from our valued customers why they chose to partner with Armorblox to improve their email security.

Armorblox x SentinelOne
Armorblox x SentinelOne

"[Armorblox] is easy to deploy, implement, and then protects from social engineering. It starts protecting your email in hours. Partnering with Armorblox for our email security is the best decision I’ve taken, and it’s absolutely a yes to go with this solution."

Sridhar Yelgireddy
Head of Global IT Infrastructure | SentinelOne

Armorblox x Valeo
Armorblox x Valeo

“Within two weeks of implementing Armorblox, it caught a client email compromise. We were able to quickly reach out to the client and head off any damage that could have occurred. Armorblox was the immediate identification tool that helped us take these preventive actions.”

Greg Fulk
COO | Valeo Financial Advisors

Armorblox x Intermedia
Armorblox x Intermedia

"We are a Hosted Microsoft Exchange Provider and Armorblox was the only partner who could help us protect our on-premise mailboxes"

Jonathan Levine
CTO | Intermedia

Armorblox x City of San Jose
Armorblox x City of San Jose

"Cities and counties have seen a startling increase in business email compromise and impersonation attacks. In deploying Armorblox, we have a tool that helps detect and prevent those attacks smartly — it is highly effective and does not interrupt the flow of City business."

Rob Lloyd
CIO | City of San Jose

Armorblox x DefenseStorm
Armorblox x DefenseStorm

"We were finding that text based attacks were quarantined right away by Armorblox. These attacks were not allowed to get to the end users. That is really important to us!"

Bob Thibodeaux
CISO | DefenseStorm

Armorblox x UCLA School of Management
Armorblox x UCLA School of Management

"What is really neat for me as a CIO is that whenever I get an email that looks suspicious, I forward it to the email abuse mailbox. Armorblox then immediately quarantines the threat for everybody else."

Howard Miller
CIO | UCLA Anderson School of Management

Armorblox x Celebrity Financial
Armorblox x Celebrity Financial

"Armorblox’s ability to identify an email as malicious even when there’s not really anything obviously malicious about it, and warn my end users with a nice banner and lots of information, has been more valuable than I really thought it would be."

Michelle Wilson
CISO | Celebrity Financial

Armorblox x PharmEasy
Armorblox x PharmEasy

"Armorblox has improved overall life for us, from a security team perspective… This is one tool every security team should have."

Chandresh Dedhia
Group CIO | PharmEasy

"Our organization’s security posture has improved greatly since implementing Armorblox, and it lets me sleep a lot better at night."

Brien Borchardt
Director of IT | General Beverage

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