Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

Armorblox uses natural language understanding, deep learning, and statistical techniques to protect all enterprise communications from inbound threats and outbound data loss.

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Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

Security That Understands Email

The Armorblox platform leverages a broad spectrum of data sources, signals, and detection techniques to understand:

Who users are

  • Name and role
  • Hierarchy and scope of work
  • Clients and devices used

What users do

  • Email sending patterns
  • Login locations
  • Extent of internal/external interactions

How users communicate

  • Intent and tone
  • Topics
  • Writing styles and sentiment

Product Capabilities

Inbound Email Protection

  • Stop business email compromise, account takeover, executive impersonation, and other targeted threats
  • Study detailed attack analysis that’s built for human eyes

Outbound Data Loss Prevention

  • Detect PII/PCI violations and passwords disclosed through emails
  • Block outbound emails containing confidential information

Abuse Mailbox Remediation

  • Auto-remediate all reported false positives
  • Remove similar suspicious emails across user mailboxes with one click

Preconfigured Policies

  • Leverage pre-configured policy actions that can automatically label, quarantine, or delete suspicious emails
  • Utilize continuously updated policies as attacks evolve over time

Top Armorblox Use Cases

Business Email Compromise

Prevent attackers from targeting the human layer of your enterprise.

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Email Account Compromise

Detect telltale signs of malicious account takeover.

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Executive Impersonation

Stop data and financial theft triggered by attackers impersonating VIPs in your enterprise.

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Data Loss Prevention

Stay compliant by preventing high-risk actions like PII/PCI violations and disclosed passwords.

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Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Connect Armorblox to your abuse mailbox for automated threat detection and resolution.

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Insider Threats

Identify and correct activities such as suspicious downloads and unusual communication patterns.


Securing the Human Layer

Attackers are targeting social interactions, getting past one-time security gates, and trained employees. Advances in natural language understanding and deep learning are poised to power a new generation of context-aware, adaptive security tools, accelerating detection and remediation.

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