Armorblox Natural Language Understanding Platform

Armorblox uses the latest advances in natural language processing and deep learning to protect enterprise communications from inbound threats like business email compromise (BEC), outbound data leaks, and insider threats.

Armorblox is providing us with a layer of protection that holds a ton of promise. Without it we would have cut a check out to somebody that was impersonating me.
Chuck Drobny, President and CEO, GlobaLogix

A New Signal

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) leverages unsupervised learning to comprehend human language, and extract valuable context, such as tone, sentiment and intent. The latest NLU algorithms can exceed human comprehension in standardized benchmark tests (GLUE benchmark). Armorblox integrates NLU with legacy metadata signals to drastically reduce the number of false positives, and to catch threats that other solutions miss.

Simplify and Automate

The Armorblox NLU platform simplifies and automates many common security tasks, such as policy management and incident resolution. Predefined always-on policies constantly detect threats, and can be deployed with one simple click. Identity-aware policy actions automatically remediate incidents by labeling, quarantining, or deleting offending messages.

Protect Across Communication Channels

Modern workforces use more than just email. Armorblox protects across multiple communications and collaboration channels, including Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Box, and Dropbox.

Enterprise Grade

The Armorblox NLU platform is built to handle enterprise scale and security needs, with SOC 2 compliance, role-based access control (RBAC), and audit logs. Armorblox integrates with existing SIEM/SOAR systems over REST APIs to enable seamless operations workflows.

Comprehensive Adaptive Defense

Inbound Threats

Stop incoming BEC, spear-phishing, and impersonation attacks

Outbound Risks

Prevent accidental data disclosure, malicious data leaks, and compliance violations

Insider Threats

Monitor internal communications for insider threats, unauthorized recipients, and auto-forwarding rules

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Attackers are targeting social interactions, getting past one-time security gates, and trained employees. Advances in natural language understanding and deep learning are poised to power a new generation of context-aware, adaptive security tools, accelerating detection and remediation.

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