Guard Against Social Engineering Attacks

Socially engineered attacks mimic common business workflows to extract sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. Learn how Armorblox stops these threats and protects your end users.

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Armorblox Prevents Zero-Day Attacks

Armorblox uses machine learning-driven analysis to block advanced threats that use evasive techniques in embedded URLs and webpages to bypass legacy defenses. With Armorblox, end users are protected against zero-day attacks with real-time inspection and malicious link detection in emails through natural language understanding (NLU) and computer vision.

Advanced URL Protection

Advanced URL Protection

Protect end users from advanced threats that evade native security controls.

  • Threat Prevention
    Block advanced threats that use evasive techniques (like zero-day and credential phishing attacks) in embedded URLs and web pages with machine learning-driven analysis.

  • End-User Awareness
    Increase end-user awareness through contextual warning banners that explain why users are being safely redirected from malicious links if clicked.

  • Selective URL Rewriting
    Rewrite URLs for only suspicious websites and malicious links so end users can see safe URLs easily, without having to engage with potential malicious links.

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