Protect Your End Users from Accidental or Malicious Data Loss

Security teams struggle to contain the loss of sensitive and confidential data, while being flooded with a high volume of false positive alerts. Armorblox prevents accidental or malicious exposure of data while increasing the efficiency of security operations.

Alert 1 Social Security Number was shared outside of your organization ANALYSIS Sender Tricia Mccarthy T External Saiba Suleiman S USERS IMPACTED EMAIL CONTENT

How Armorblox Prevents Sensitive Data Loss

Armorblox monitors, detects, and flags suspicious email activity to prevent the malicious and unintended sharing of sensitive data over email. Our advanced algorithms analyze thousands of signals to identify your organization’s risk exposure and protect your human layer from compromise.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Reduce false positive rates seen with legacy DLP solutions by 10x with language-based models that understand the context of email communications (like differentiating between SSN and Zoom meeting ID). Protect organization-specific data loss with advanced enforcement actions that automatically delete, block, or encrypt outgoing email communications.

Sensitive Data Protection

Detect accidental or malicious loss of sensitive PII, PCI, and PHI (SSNs, bank account details) over email

Reduction in False Positives

Reduce false positive rates seen with legacy DLP solutions with language-based models that identify PII, PCI, and PHI within email context

Advanced Enforcement Actions

Configure in compliance mode (monitoring and detection) or block mode (applying enforcement actions like encrypt, block, delete)

Custom Policies and Regular Expressions

Armorblox provides both out-of-the-box and Custom DLP Policies to extend the breadth of Armorblox Advanced Data Loss Prevention capabilities. Out-of-the-box policies come preconfigured so organizations can protect sensitive data immediately. Customize DLP Policies with Context and Data Identifiers to protect against all types of organization-specific data (patient records, project code names, critical files).

Advanced Detections

Build custom regexes to detect emails that have matching characteristics to protect against organization-specific data (project code names, critical files)

Custom DLP Policies

Customize policies to create response actions unique to each organization to protect against all types of sensitive data types

Simplify Threat Investigation

Use threat intel and IOCs from other sources to investigate malicious emails

Why Armorblox for Data Loss Prevention?

  • Algorithms That Understand Hidden Threats
    Armorblox algorithms understand the content and context of communications to stop targeted attacks and payloadless threats.
  • Detection and Response That Saves Time
    Armorblox has out-of-the-box detection policies and automatable response actions that take email security busywork out of your hands.
  • Machine Learning Tailored to Your Business
    We don’t have all the answers, but you do. Armorblox builds custom ML models for every customer and end user to keep learning and get better with time.

Protect Your End Users from Sensitive Data Loss in Minutes

Armorblox connects over APIs and can be deployed in minutes within your email environment. Take our 5-minute product tour and see how Armorblox protects end users from accidental or malicious data loss.

See for yourself.
See how Armorblox can protect your users from email attacks and save valuable time for your security team.