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Shield Your Human Layer Against Sophisticated Attacks

Traditional security tools fail to detect sophisticated attacks that target your organization's human layer. Learn how Armorblox protects your business from these advanced threats.

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Armorblox Stops Advanced Threats

Armorblox stops financial fraud attacks that aim to steal money and sensitive information, targeted business email compromise attacks that frequently get past legacy security controls, plus vendor fraud and brand impersonation attacks that exploit end-users' trust. Our advanced algorithms analyze thousands of signals to identify sophisticated email threats and protect your human layer from compromise.

Financial Fraud Prevention

Financial Fraud Prevention

Identify malicious behavior and risk signals that protect your organization from financial fraud attacks.

  • Prevent Targeted Attacks
    Guard against financial fraud attacks like wire fraud, payment fraud, and payroll fraud.

  • Stop Insider Threats
    Stop insider threats that perpetuate fraud using machine learning to analyze user behavior.

  • Leverage Behavior Insights
    Identify malicious behavior by combining understanding of business processes (like invoices) with email content (like bank account change requests).

Email Account Compromise

Email Account Compromise

Protect organizational data by detecting suspicious behavior signals with real-time alerts consolidated in a comprehensive timeline view.

  • Discover Threat Indicators
    Detect suspicious behavioral signals such as anomalous logins, impossible travel, and strong authentication failure sequences.

  • Identify Unusual Behavior Patterns
    Prevent data exfiltration by detecting unusual mail forwarding rules and stop threats by matching email content with fingerprints of users’ historical data (like login IP addresses).

  • Simplify Investigations
    Reduce complexity in email account compromise threat investigations, with pre-, mid-, and post-compromise alerts consolidated in a timeline view.

Targeted Attack Protection

Targeted Attack Protection

Stop socially engineered attacks that slip past native email security controls and increase your organization's security posture.

  • Advanced Protection
    Stop zero-day credential phishing attacks using computer vision-based brand impersonation detection and socially engineered threats that sneak past legacy security controls.

  • End-User Awareness
    Alert users by adding contextual warning banners that include specific information on the attack and whether the email was moved to Junk, Spam, or Deleted folders for continued end-user education.

  • Detailed Insights
    Get detailed attack analysis using user identity, behavior, and language signals.

Vendor and Executive Impersonation Protection

Vendor and Executive Impersonation Protection

Identify your organization’s most targeted users and protect them against vendor, brand, and executive impersonation attacks.

  • Context-Aware Detection
    Stop executive impersonation attacks that use language as the main attack vector through models that understand the content and context of email communications.

  • MVP (Most Valuable Protection)
    Create custom rules and remediation actions to protect VIPs and most-targeted users you’ve identified across the organization.

  • Real-Time Alerts
    Receive automatic identification and alerts on vendor impersonation attacks including domain spoofs, name impersonation, and vendor account takeovers.

Internal Email Analysis and Protection

Internal Email Analysis and Protection

Mitigate insider threats and prevent lateral attacks that aim to exfiltrate sensitive business data.

  • Threat Detection
    Mitigate insider threats by detecting unusual user or email behavior.

  • Sensitive Data Protection
    Stop attacks propagated through compromised internal accounts that aim to extract sensitive business data.

  • Custom ML Models
    Prevent employee impersonation attempts through natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) analysis.

Social Engineering Protection

Social Engineering Protection

Block malicious emails that bypass traditional filters.

  • Stop Targeted Attacks
    Stop socially engineered attacks that bypass native email solutions and inline security tools.

  • Protect Sensitive Data
    Automatically identify and stop fake emails impersonating known business workflows (like password reset emails).

  • Protect End Users
    Protect susceptible employees against targeted email attacks that aim to steal money or data from them.

Graymail and Recon Attack Protection

Graymail and Recon Attack Protection

Automatically detect and classify graymail and recon email threats that waste valuable time for end users and security teams.

  • Stop Targeted Attacks
    Automatically identify and protect against recon emails that identify and launch attacks against susceptible employees to steal money or data.

  • Save Valuable Time
    Prevent security teams and end users from wasting valuable time by automatically removing annoying graymail from end-user mailboxes without writing new rules.

  • Customize End-User Preferences
    Monitor end-user movements of graymail emails and individual preferences for future communications.

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