Armorblox Technology

Armorblox is a cloud-native platform that sits at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and enterprise scale. It’s built using proven technologies and frameworks including Kubernetes, Istio, Kafka, and React.

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Armorblox Architecture

Extensible Data Sources

Gain contextual understanding across all enterprise communications

Comprehensive email support

Only language-powered email security platform that supports Office 365, G Suite, and Microsoft Exchange as data sources.

Extensible across cloud office applications

Armorblox is built to be extensible across any application used for business communications. Integrations with messaging and file-sharing solutions are planned with time.

Instant deployment

Connects over APIs to deploy in minutes without straining human resources for ongoing management.


Armorblox Detection Engine

Leverage broad spectrum of detection techniques

Natural language understanding (NLU)

Entity recognition, content inspection, and other techniques enable context-aware analysis.

Deep learning

Transformer networks and generative pre-trained models help the detection engine predict fraudulent and suspicious emails.

Machine learning

Stylometry and multi-modal classifiers build baselines for identity, behavior, and language.

Statistical techniques

Clustering and anomaly detection help identify behaviors outside established norms.


Data Processing Pipeline

Rapidly process mountains of data

Real time data pipeline

Millions of emails are processed in real time using Kafka.

Process with pace

Hundreds of detectors process emails to generate thousands of signals that assess the threat level of communications.

Contextual analysis

User identity, user behavior, and email language are analyzed to identify threat related signals.


Scalable and Cloud-Native

Deploy, manage, and scale in seconds

Scaling with you

Distribution platform built with Kubernetes and Istio that scales across millions of emails and thousands of users instantly.

Built on next-gen cloud

Built on top of Google Cloud Platform, tapping into world-class infrastructure and resource flexibility.

Always on and reliable

Built-in redundancies and high performance inherent to cloud-native solutions guarantee uptime and reliability.


Enterprise Grade

Handle enterprise-level security needs with ease

Robust access control

Full role-based access control, detailed audit logs, and two-factor authentication enable relevant information visibility and protection.

SOC 2 Type 2 certified

SOC 2 Type 2 certification highlights commitment to uphold the safety, confidentiality, and integrity of customer data.

User customization

Ability to customize policy actions and whitelist safe indicators ensure enterprise-relevant intel and remediation.

Downstream integrations

Integrations with SIEM and SOAR tools over RESTful APIs get alerts and insights to where users want them to be.

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