Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Security teams are plagued by the lack of contextual data and repetitive manual tasks while remediating email threats on enterprise abuse mailboxes.

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Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Too Many Emails, Not Enough Time

Attackers have a robust support system, leveraging automation and sophisticated spoofing techniques to launch both scattergun and targeted attacks. The result? Security teams are bogged down by high-volume attacks and false positives, lacking the time and contextual information necessary to deal with targeted compromise attempts.

High alert volumes

Large organizations are subject to daily attack campaigns across thousands of users, resulting in abuse mailboxes bursting at the seams.

Trigger happy users

Phishing awareness training has arguably overcorrected the problem, with employees now forwarding safe emails to abuse mailboxes en masse.

Manual, repetitive remediation

Security teams struggle with high email volume, wasting time on false positives and lacking the context to investigate targeted attacks.

The attack vector of choice

96% of all attacks begin with an email, ending with phished credentials, ransomware, or much worse. Getting human eyes on the right alerts is vital.

Armorblox Automates Abuse Mailbox Remediation

Focus on what matters

  • Auto-remediate all reported false positives
  • Focus on emails that need human review

Detailed attack analysis

  • Study email-specific insights built for human eyes
  • Use built-in feedback within email content for at-a-glance learning

One-click remediation

  • Remove similar suspicious emails across user mailboxes with one click
  • Leverage forward-looking remediation that automatically blocks similar emails in the future

Abuse mailbox management

  • Connect Armorblox with your abuse mailbox in less than 5 minutes
  • Get at-a-glance overview of abuse mailbox remediation performance


Comprehensive Email Security

Protect your business against payment fraud, executive impersonation, credential phishing, account takeovers, and other attacks

Lightning Fast Deployment

Connect to your email over APIs and deploy enterprise-wide within minutes

Accelerated Incident Response

Reduce SOC burden with bulk, one-click remediation for abuse mailbox and other broader attacks within your organization

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