Data Loss Prevention

Shadow IT and the universal shareability of information have made businesses arguably more productive but certainly less secure.

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Data Loss  Prevention

Enterprises are Leaking Digital Gold

Rigorous privacy laws have turned data protection and compliance into cornerstones of security today. Unfortunately, activities that seem innocuous - but are dangerous - have brought organizations’ data privacy into question.

An (insecure) app for everything

Employees access a sprawling ecosystem of third-party apps, resulting in marginal productivity gains but a steep security decline.

Tough to measure dangerous actions

Many employee actions are legitimate but have the potential for data loss - a mass blocking of such actions is not possible.

Data loss across jobs

Turnover rates and suboptimal offboarding processes result in employees regularly taking proprietary data into their next job.

Low-fidelity detection

Regex-based detection and simple pattern matching leads to high alert volumes and fatigue.

Indicators of Potential Data Loss

Unusual Mail Rules

An employee is auto-forwarding all business mails to their personal email address. Whether out of negligence or malice, the result is data loss.

Suspicious Downloads

An employee that usually downloads things sparingly has suddenly downloaded 10 documents within half an hour.

Incorrect Recipients

Accidentally replacing an ‘i’ with an ‘e’ in the ‘To’ field means you just sent that quarterly financial report to a stranger.

Confidential Data Leaks

An employee just shared a confidential spreadsheet containing all your customer data with a third-party analyst.

Armorblox Prevents Data Loss

Spot disclosed PII/PCI and passwords

  • Detect disclosed passwords, SSNs, bank account details, and other sensitive information shared with external parties
  • Get prioritized alerts if VIP user account data is compromised

Protect confidential content

  • Classify any piece of content as confidential
  • Block confidential content from leaving the organization

Analyze DLP violations

  • Study email-specific insights built for human eyes
  • Use built-in feedback within email content for at-a-glance learning

Leverage out-of-the-box policies

  • Deploy policy actions that automatically block emails containing sensitive data from leaving the organization
  • Utilize continuously updated policies as data loss indicators evolve over time


Comprehensive Email Security

Protect your business against payment fraud, executive impersonation, credential phishing, account takeovers, and other attacks

Lightning Fast Deployment

Connect to your email over APIs and deploy enterprise-wide within minutes

Accelerated Incident Response

Reduce SOC burden with bulk, one-click remediation for abuse mailbox and other broader attacks within your organization

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