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Secure Your Data Against Unauthorized Exposure

Organizations struggle to contain the loss of sensitive and confidential data, on the other security operation teams are flooded with a high volume of false positive alerts that make prioritized response almost impossible. Learn how Armorblox helps prevent accidental or malicious exposure of data while increasing the efficiency of security operations.

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organizations protected
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Common Indicators of Email Data Loss

Unusual Mail Rules
Suspicious Downloads
Incorrect Recipients
Confidential Data Leaks
Anomalous User Behavior
Email Compromise

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Security Powered by Natural Language Understanding

Armorblox looks at thousands of signals to understand the context of email communications and user behavior to stop sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Security Powered by Natural Language Understanding
Protect Sensitive Data

Detect when unencrypted passwords, SSNs, bank account details, and other sensitive information is shared with external parties or compromised internal accounts, via email or attachments.

Reduce False Positives

Decrease the volume of alerts seen with legacy DLP solutions by identifying sensitive data within email context, e.g. differentiating between a SSN, Zoom meeting ID, or birthdate.

Contain Targeted Threats

Leverage custom machine learning models built for each organization and every user to stop sophisticated attacks.

Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes

Armorblox provides visibility into the types and frequency of DLP violations within your email environment so you can clearly see the ROI the platform provides each organization.

Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes
Centralized Dashboard

Manage a central repository for all DLP violations, trends, and incident remediation actions (access revoked, deleted, blocked) auto-remediation actions with intuitive search and query.

Communication Insights

Uncover communication insights for targeted security interventions, e.g., insights based on individuals and departments with the most DLP violations.

DLP Within Context

Leverage easy-to-consume insights, impacted user information, and in-email data loss highlights.

Minimize Email DLP Busywork

Armorblox provides predetermined and custom policies with automatable response actions. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team has more time to spend on proactive compliance measures.

Minimize Email DLP Busywork
Data Loss Violation Categories

Avoid manual policy creation with pre-built compliance categories for PII and PCI (e.g., SSNs, bank account numbers). Custom policies and regexes provide the ability to detect the presence of any data proprietary to business or organizational workflows.

Flexible Configuration

Armorblox DLP can be configured in compliance mode (monitoring, detection) or block mode (delete and block emails).

Automated Remediation

Save time by setting automated remediation workflows for specific departments and data loss violation types with custom alerting.

Why Armorblox for Data Loss Prevention

Algorithms That Understand Sensitive Data
Detection & Response That Saves Time
Machine Learning Tailored to Your Business
Armorblox x City of San Jose
Armorblox x City of San Jose

“Cities and counties have seen a startling increase in business email compromise and impersonation attacks. In deploying Armorblox, we have a tool that helps detect and prevent those attacks smartly — it is highly effective and does not interrupt the flow of City business.”

Rob Lloyd
CIO | City of San Jose

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Start Monitoring Email Risk Exposure in Minutes

Armorblox connects over APIs and can be deployed in minutes within your email environment. Give your security team time back in their day to focus on more proactive tasks.

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