Prevent Data Loss

Find Accidental or Malicious Data Leaks

With employees sharing content over email, messaging apps, and cloud storage on a daily basis, hackers are bypassing traditional security systems by exploiting these communication channels. Social engineering has become the top attack vector for stealing data, and even experienced users struggle to identify and mitigate these risks.

Traditional DLP solutions are ineffective in detecting such risks because they lack context, and they cannot distinguish between legitimate sharing and accidental or malicious exposure.

Armorblox brings contextual understanding to security and addresses the weakest link – the human layer. Using the latest advances in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Deep Learning, Armorblox can intelligently process and reason about textual communications to protect employees as they communicate and share data.


$3.86m is the average cost of a data breach

2019 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Study

Extract Intelligence From Textual Content

Identify sensitive content
Analyze writing styles
Analyze writing styles
Correlate across emails, and documents

Advanced Data Loss Prevention Platform

NLU Platform

Identify sensitive content and topics across all communication channels. Detect mis-addressed recipients, hidden domains, passwords, PII and PCI.

Adaptive Security

Simplify policy management using the automated policy framework, and reduce burden on security teams. No complex policy conditions or regular expressions to manage.

Intelligent Alerts

Engage employees in triage and provide active feedback via the Armorblox mobile app. Reduce the burden on SOC teams.

Protect the Human Layer

Humans are the weakest link in an organization and over 96% of all cyberattacks start with email. Armorblox can intelligently understand the content of emails and email attachments, detect sensitive information, and provide timely alerts to users and security teams. Stop BEC, financial fraud and data loss before they inflict brand damage.

Armorblox works alongside your anti spam solution, email gateway solution and email servers, regardless of whether you use an on-premises or cloud-based email system. It continuously analyzes incoming and outgoing emails, detects threats, and alerts users and security teams about potential phishing attacks or BEC attempts.

Reduce SOC Burden

Cybersecurity teams are overburdened with fragmented security solutions that generate too many false positives. Alert fatigue reduces the effectiveness of security teams and hinders an organization's ability to detect and stop cybercrime.

Armorblox takes an adaptive approach by continuously learning from the information it collects. It combines multiple detection techniques in a single platform that can improve detection effectiveness and dramatically reduce the number of false positives. The automated policy recommendation engine means that you don’t have to manually construct complex rules or regular expressions.

Empower Employees

Email attacks continue to rise despite the growth of security training tools. Even after security awareness training, employees are often still susceptible because hackers are using social engineering and advanced techniques over several emails to trick employees.

Armorblox provides thorough analysis of the communication text – including understanding of context, sentiment and tone – to alert users of suspicious emails, arming them with the information they need to resist attacks.

Armorblox allows you to engage users with timely mobile notifications. Instead of waiting on security teams to triage ever growing incident queues, users can participate in the process and speed up detection and resolution.

Armorblox for Data Loss Prevention

Attackers are targeting social interactions, getting past one-time security gates, and trained employees. Advances in natural language understanding and deep learning are poised to power a new generation of context-aware, adaptive security tools, accelerating detection and remediation.

"Armorblox is providing us with a layer of protection that holds a ton of promise. Without it we would have cut a check out to somebody that was impersonating me."

Chuck Drobny
President and CEO of GlobaLogix

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