Executive Impersonation

Attackers impersonate trusted executives - like the CEO or CFO - and induce target employees to take actions that lead to compromise.

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Executive Impersonation

What is Executive Impersonation?

Let’s face it, a CEO usually won’t ask you to order gift cards in real life. But attackers use subtle spoofing techniques, bank on the innate human desire to not question authority, and induce actions that leave you with a red face and a lighter wallet. These attacks sneak past legacy defenses because:

They are laser targeted

They evade metadata-based detection

They don't contain malicious payloads

They are socially engineered


Common Indicators of Executive Impersonation

Spoof/Lookalike Domains

Attackers retain the executive’s display name and use domain spoofing techniques to slip past defenses.

Intent, Urgency, and Tone

Is a usually laid back CEO asking you to urgently process invoices worth $50,000 and forwarding you new bank details? Worth a second look.

Communication History

You have regular work email conversations with the CFO, but you suddenly get 3 emails from their ‘personal email address’ that ask for sensitive pre-IPO documents.

Are You At Your Desk?

This simple one-sentence email has become an impersonation pick-up line, with data or financial loss just a few more emails down the line.

Armorblox Prevents Executive Impersonation

Context-aware detection

  • Detection that combines 1000s of signals across user identity, user behavior, and language analysis
  • Algorithms built with deep learning, natural language understanding, and statistical models

Out-of-the-box policies

  • Leverage preconfigured policy actions for executive impersonation that can automatically label, quarantine, or delete suspicious emails
  • Save time by setting VIP lists and creating automated remediation workflows for specific threat types

Threat insights

  • Get at-a-glance overview of impersonation threat remediation performance
  • Uncover communication insights for targeted security interventions e.g. most impersonated VIPs, most attacked departments


Comprehensive Email Security

Protect your business against payment fraud, executive impersonation, credential phishing, account takeovers, and other attacks

Lightning Fast Deployment

Connect to your email over APIs and deploy enterprise-wide within minutes

Faster Response Times

Reduce SOC burden with bulk, one-click remediation for abuse mailbox and other broader attacks within your organization

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