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Secure Your Human Layer Against Executive Phishing

Attackers impersonate trusted executives and induce target employees to take actions that lead to compromise. Learn how Armorblox protects your organization from executive phishing.

Organizations protected
Minutes to deploy over API
Reduction in phishing response times
Reported losses from BEC complaints increased from $1.29 billion in 2018 to $1.86 billion in 2020

What Is Executive Phishing?

An executive phishing attack involves an attacker impersonating a trusted executive, like the CEO or CFO, and convincing target employees to part with sensitive data or transfer money.

Executive phishing is a type of business email compromise (BEC) attack, which is categorized by attackers claiming to be a trusted entity and using context, persuasion, and urgency to attempt financial or data theft.

These attacks get past legacy defenses because they are laser-targeted, don’t contain malicious payloads, and are socially engineered. Executive phishing is also called executive impersonation, CEO fraud, or whaling.

Common Indicators of Executive Phishing

Executive impersonation attacks are tough to spot because they claim to come from people you know and trust. Here are some telltale signs of an executive phishing attack:

  • Spoof/Lookalike Domains

    Attackers retain the executive’s display name and use domain spoofing techniques to slip past defenses.

  • Intent, Urgency, and Tone

    Scammers impersonate senior executives and ask for money or data to be transferred at short notice, trusting that employees’ deference to authority will take over.

  • Personal Email Addresses

    Attackers create fake personal email accounts for executives on Gmail or Yahoo and send emails to employees with urgent financial requests.

  • “Are You At Your Desk?”

    Cybercriminals often use “impersonation pick up lines” to check which employees respond, and then carry out an email conversation that ends in compromise.

How Does Armorblox Prevent Executive Phishing Attacks?

Armorblox stops targeted executive impersonation, employee impersonation, and other types of business email compromise attacks that frequently get past legacy security controls. Our advanced algorithms analyze thousands of signals to identify sophisticated email threats and protect your human layer from compromise.


Security Powered by Understanding

Armorblox looks at thousands of signals to understand the context of email communications and stop executive impersonation attacks that get past legacy email security controls.

Broad and Deep Detection

Leverage detection that combines signals across user identity, user behavior, and email language.

NLU Engine

Stop hard-to-catch threats with natural language understanding and other advanced techniques.

Custom ML Models

Contain threats with custom machine learning models built for every organization and user.


Always Learning and Adapting

Our AI isn’t just a mysterious force working behind the scenes. Armorblox clearly explains why each email threat is safe or suspicious. These insights simplify investigation and enable your security team to mark rare false positives with greater confidence.

Threat Indicators

Utilize explainable insights and threat indicators built for human eyes.

Behavioral Patterns

Surface anomalous behavioral patterns and domain communication history.

Deep Learning Models

Understand learnings and predictions from deep learning models trained on fraud emails.


Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes

Armorblox provides clear visibility into the types and frequency of executive impersonation attacks threatening your environment and shows ROI provided by the platform to your business.

Centralized Dashboard

Manage a central repository for all executive phishing threats with intuitive search and query.

Communication Insights

Uncover communication insights for targeted security interventions, e.g., most impersonated executives.

Evolving Learning Models

Inspect the health of Armorblox machine learning models that get better with time and feedback.


Automate Response to Executive Phishing Attacks

Armorblox has pre-built detection policies and automatable response actions. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team has more time to investigate and hunt for threats.

Threat Detection Categories

Avoid manual policy creation with pre-built threat detection categories (e.g., VIP impersonation, employee impersonation).

Preconfigured Policy Actions

Use preconfigured policy actions that automatically label, quarantine, or delete suspicious emails.

Automated Remediation

Save time by setting automated remediation workflows for specific departments and threat types with custom alerting.

City of San Jose

Cities and counties have seen a startling increase in business email compromise and impersonation attacks. In deploying Armorblox, we have a tool that helps detect and prevent those attacks smartly — it is highly effective and does not interrupt the flow of City business.

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Start Monitoring Executive Phishing in Minutes

Armorblox connects over APIs and can be deployed in minutes within your email environment. Give your security team time back in their day to focus on more proactive tasks.

Why Armorblox for Executive Phishing Prevention?

Algorithms That Understand Hidden Threats
Armorblox algorithms understand the content and context of email communications to stop advanced executive phishing attempts.
Detection & Response That Saves Time
Armorblox has out-of-the-box detection policies and automatable response actions that take email security busywork out of your hands.
Machine Learning Tailored to Your Business
We don’t have all the answers, but you do. Armorblox builds custom ML models for every customer and end user to keep learning and get better with time.
See for yourself.
See how Armorblox can protect your users from email attacks and save valuable time for your security team.