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Advanced Google Email Protection

Armorblox augments Gmail to meet modern email security needs. Using the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and deep learning, Armorblox can understand the context of communications, stopping attacks that other solutions miss. Armorblox works with Gmail and Google Sites, Forms, and Docs.

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How It Works

Armorblox prevents targeted email attacks and secures your data by understanding the context of your organization and users, and establishes communication baselines using GPT and NLU.

  1. Connect


    Connects in minutes over API without MX record changes, rerouting, or security busywork.

  2. Train


    Analyzes three months of email archives and builds communication baselines for your organization.

  3. Protect


    Flags targeted email attacks and data loss violations automatically - no policy setup needed.

  4. Respond


    Configures automated remediation actions – delete, block, quarantine, encrypt, apply warning banners, and lock end-user accounts.

  5. Learn


    Every threat, manual action, and remediation action change allows Armorblox to improve over time.

Protect Against Targeted Attacks that Bypass Google Security

Protect Against Targeted Attacks that Bypass Google Security

People often don’t think about email attacks until it’s too late. Many Gmail users believe they’re safe from financial losses caused by Business and Email Account Compromise. Unfortunately, email attacks continue to put businesses at risk.

Google falls short in protecting businesses against socially engineered Business Email Compromise attacks. The FBI reported that BEC attacks led to $1.86 billion in losses in 2020 alone!

Armorblox analyzes thousands of signals to stop:

  • Business Email Compromise and Email Account Compromise scams

  • Socially engineered attacks

  • Attacks that exploit trust and workflows

...and other attacks that get past Google security controls.

Securing the Human Layer with NLU

Securing the Human Layer with NLU

Google products and services like Gmail, Forms, Docs, and Sites are known and trusted worldwide. Unfortunately, cybercriminals also know this and exploit the inherent legitimacy of Google to launch phishing attacks.

The Armorblox threat research team has seen a sharp uptick in attackers using Google services to help them get emails past binary security filters based on keywords or URLs.

New advancements in Natural Language Understanding and deep learning allow Armorblox to understand human-to-human communication better. This way, we can stop targeted cyberattacks before they threaten your organization.

Armorblox + Google: A Winning Combination

Easy Installation
Built to Augment Google Security
Saves Time and Manual Labor

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Hear From Happy Joint Customers

Armorblox x SentinelOne
Armorblox x SentinelOne

"[Armorblox] is easy to deploy, implement, and then protects from social engineering. It starts protecting your email in hours. Partnering with Armorblox for our email security is the best decision I’ve taken, and it’s absolutely a yes to go with this solution."

Sridhar Yelgireddy
Head of Global IT Infrastructure | SentinelOne

Armorblox x PharmEasy
Armorblox x PharmEasy

"Armorblox has improved overall life for us, from a security team perspective… This is one tool every security team should have."

Chandresh Dedhia
Group CIO | PharmEasy

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