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Graymail Detection to Eliminate Gratuitous Work

Learn how Armorblox precisely detects and automatically remediates annoying graymail and malicious recon emails to give productivity back to your security teams and end-users.

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Armorblox Stops Today’s Unwanted Email Communications

Graymail, even if not malicious, is a nuisance to both end users and security teams, especially to executives within an organization who receive a disproportionate share of these unwanted emails. One of the main challenges is the high volume of email communications coming into the organization as well as being reported by end users – wasting valuable time with manual sorting and deletion across the organization.

Recon Email Attacks
Marketing and Promotional Content
Reaching Out

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Security Powered by Understanding

Our automatic graymail detection policy uses thousands of signals to understand the context of email communications and accurately identify emails that are both a nuisance and malicious to end users.

Security Powered by Understanding
Broad and Deep Detection

Leverage deep learning models and language-based detection that combines signals across user identity, user behavior, and email language.

NLU and LLM Engine

Stop hard-to-catch threats with natural language understanding, LLMs, and advanced ML techniques.

Custom ML Models

Contain threats with custom machine learning models built for every organization and user.

Always Learning and Adapting

Our AI isn’t just a mysterious force working behind the scenes. Applying pre-trained models, transformers, and language-based approaches toward detecting and protecting email communications, Armorblox clearly identifies the type of each graymail communication coming into the organization and automatically remediates malicious recon attacks.

Always Learning and Adapting
Incident Tags

Utilize automatically generated incident tags across workflows detected for insights into the type of graymail emails targeting end users (marketing and promotional, scam, reaching out, unwanted solicitation).

Behavioral Patterns

Surface anomalous behavioral patterns and recon email attacks camouflaged as legitimate communications.


Continuous monitoring of manual end-user movements of graymail emails to remember individual preferences for future emails.

Automate Response to Threats

Armorblox has pre-built detection policies and automatable response actions. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team has more time to investigate and hunt for threats.

Automate Response to Threats
Threat Detection Categories

Avoid manual policy creation with pre-built graymail detection and classification categories (e.g. recon, marketing, scam, reaching out).

Preconfigured Policy Actions

Use preconfigured policy actions that automatically label, quarantine, or delete unwanted and suspicious emails.

Automated Remediation

Save time by setting automated remediation workflows for specific individuals, departments, and graymail types with custom alerting.

Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes

Armorblox provides clear visibility into the types and frequency of graymail that would have landed in the inboxes of your end users and shows ROI provided by the platform to your business.

Detailed Email Insights Built for Human Eyes
Centralized Dashboard

Manage a central repository for all annoying graymail and recon email threats with intuitive search.

Communication Insights

Insights into graymail communications allow security teams to analyze graymail patterns across all users and VIPs.


Understand learnings and predictions from pre-trained and custom, language-based models to alleviate gratuitous work spent on manually remediating emails.

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Algorithms That Understand Hidden Threats
Detection & Response That Saves Time
Machine Learning Tailored to Your Business

Start Automatically Remediating Graymail in Minutes

Armorblox connects over APIs and can be deployed in minutes within your email environment. Give your security team time back in their day to focus on more proactive tasks.

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