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Messaging Protection

The sprawl of cloud office solutions has opened up new avenues for targeted attacks and data loss over messaging applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Messaging Protection

The Hidden World of Noncompliant Messages

Data leaks - even if accidental - are penalized heavily under regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Unfortunately, the widespread adoption of messaging applications has led to employees sharing sensitive and confidential information with noncompliant recipients - both within and across communication channels.

An (insecure) app for everything

Employees access a sprawling ecosystem of third-party apps, resulting in marginal productivity gains but a steep security decline.

Tough to measure dangerous actions

Many employee actions are legitimate but have the potential for data loss - a mass blocking of such actions is not possible.

Data loss across apps

Siloed security solutions have limited context behind sensitive data, paving the way for lateral data loss across cloud office applications.

Low-fidelity detection

Regex-based detection and simple pattern matching lead to high alert volumes and lack the context to protect across communication channels.

Indicators of Potential Data Loss

Sensitive PII/PCI Disclosure

An employee accidentally shared a document containing SSNs of their entire team over a shared Slack channel.

Unencrypted Passwords

An employee shared their Git login details and password with a coworker over a Slack direct message.

Lateral Data Loss

An employee downloaded sensitive data from Box and shared it with noncompliant recipients over Slack.

Confidential Data Leaks

An employee shared a confidential document containing customer data over a shared Slack channel.

Armorblox Secures Messaging Applications

Spot disclosed PII/PCI and passwords

  • Detect unencrypted passwords, SSNs, bank account details, and other sensitive information shared over Slack messages
  • Deploy preconfigured policy actions that automatically block messages containing sensitive data from being shared with noncompliant recipients

Stop phishing over messaging applications

  • Detect malicious URLs within messages or within documents shared on messaging channels
  • Automatically delete malicious messages with preconfigured policy actions

Prevent data loss across applications

  • Prevent sensitive/confidential data from being shared across messaging, email, and file-sharing services
  • Leverage behavioral baselines built from cross-channel learning

Leverage preconfigured policies

  • Enable policy actions that automatically prevent sensitive data loss (warn, block) as well as stop phishing links shared over messaging applications (delete)
  • Utilize continuously updated policies as attack and data loss indicators evolve with time


Protect Messaging Apps

Protect your business against malicious URLs, PII/PCI disclosures, and confidential data leaks over messaging applications

Lightning Fast Deployment

Connect to your messaging application over APIs and deploy enterprise-wide within minutes

Secure All Communications

Protect people and data across messaging email, and file-sharing services through global and local learning

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