Supercharge Your Secure Email Gateway

Augment your SEG with natural language understanding (NLU) and custom AI models that are automatically built to stop targeted email attacks like wire fraud, payment fraud, vendor fraud, and zero-day phishing attacks.

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Stop Sophisticated Threats Not Addressed By Your SEG

Armorblox works in tandem with your existing Secure Email Gateway. It analyzes thousands of signals to stop socially engineered attacks like:

  • Advanced phishing

  • Wire and payroll fraud

  • Invoice and payment fraud

  • Financial fraud from compromised vendor accounts

  • Account takeovers

...and other attacks that get past your SEG security controls.

Stop Sophisticated Threats Not Addressed By Your SEG
organizations protected
Minutes to deploy over API
Reduction in phishing response times

Armorblox + Secure Email Gateway: Better Together

  • Protect Against Zero-Day Email Attacks

    • Stop vendor fraud, wire fraud, payment fraud, and other types of financial fraud.

    • Prevent zero-day credential phishing attacks by brand impersonation attacks.

  • Prevent Compromised Account Threats

    • Combine behavior analytics and user identity to stop internal threats.

    • Protect against external threats including attacks from compromised accounts of vendors and suppliers.

  • Automate Email Security Operations

    • Save time on security operations by automating abuse mailbox remediation.

    • Educate end users with contextual warning banners.

How It Works

Armorblox secures the human layer by understanding the context of your organization, your users, and your communications.

  • Connect

    Connects over API in 5 minutes without any MX record modifications or email rerouting.

  • Train

    Analyzes 3 months of email archives and builds communication baselines for your organization.

  • Protect

    Flags targeted email attacks and data loss violations automatically - no policy setup needed.

  • Respond

    Automated and configurable remediation actions: delete, quarantine, employ warning banners, lock accounts.

  • Learn

    Learns from every threat, manual action, and false positive to get better with time.

Built to Catch Attacks That Get Past Secure Email Gateways

Many targeted email attacks like Business Email Compromise and spear phishing still get past SEG security controls.

While Secure Email Gateway vendors provide security controls that are effective at stopping spam, known malware, and phishing, you need complementary technology to stop the modern day threats.

Armorblox is built to learn from every customer’s data and stop advanced threats that cannot be caught by filters, blocklists, and other binary detection techniques.

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Built to Catch Attacks That Get Past Secure Email Gateways
74% of BEC threats used language as the main attack vector, download Armorblox 2022 Email Security Threat Report!
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